Hope For It

I slid on my first long sleeve shirt of the season for my morning walk. Made a pour over cup of coffee and let it sit to enjoy upon my return. Grabbed the letter laying by the front door and once my feet hit the payment, into the mailbox it went.

Brian made a comment about Hallmark cards, but I rarely use them. Writing a letter or jotting a note is an opportunity to search out artists who make them and support their craft. One artist I’ve been hooked on for a while now is David Arms. Some of his cards lean toward Christianity, but not all of them. David’s intention is to convey hope and discovered his artistic gift late in life.

How he delivers your order.

This gives me hope because I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do. Since my daughter left the nest I ponder meaningful ways in which to spend this one, precious life. I’m sharing this 2 minute video in hopes you find it inspiring, because as long as there’s breath in our bodies, we still have a purpose. It surprises David to this day that he’s an artist and he describes it by saying, he didn’t know to hope for it.

Who Is David Arms?

To see the feature photo in all it’s glory, hover your mouse, or finger over it. It’s from David’s website here. To view notecards by David Arms, click here.

6 thoughts on “Hope For It

  1. Barb, this is just so perfect. And you shared it – as did he – at such a good time for me, as I am trying to figure out how best to use my talents to bring something of value to people, as well as happiness and a source of support for myself. This really hit the nail on the head. Good choice and even better timing! Love, Jeanne

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    1. Hey Jeanne! That’s great to hear. Gotta love good timing! His story is the perfect example of how we find that path of purpose. It’s usually by accident. Much love to you my friend.


    1. Hi Sheree. Often times when I find a style of card I like, I’ll look at the back to see who designed it and Google the name. Everyone has a website and I’ve found some unique cards that way. The French know their stationary! 💖

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