Farewell to Who I Thought I Was

It’s Saturday morning in the first week of October and my home is so still and quiet, one could hear my stomach grumble.

I’m supposed to be attending a Jack Canfield, Breakthrough to Success weekend workshop. I was invited by someone who doesn’t know me very well, but sees me as motivated. Friday was the first day I attended, but it reminded me of a Richard Simmons workout, as the spokesman was trying to get the audience pumped up and motivated before Jack appeared.

It was a revelation that my nervous system couldn’t handle the energy of the environment created by the motivational speaker, but 20 years ago I thought I wanted to be him. Now I realize you can make an impact quietly.

Friday, I met a friend for coffee and on the drive over I asked myself if there were any problems in my life that needed to be resolved. The only thing that came to mind was that morning catching the dog with his head in the litter box, eating cat poop. He knew that was not acceptable as soon as he was caught, so that problem had passed. I shared this with my friend and we had a hearty laugh.

Finding people to love and to be loved is connecting with the chosen few who align with your kind of weirdness.

I’m making shifts, creating space, and purchased a book of blank pages to write the next chapter. I’m officially letting go of Letitgocoach, but continue to write. Letitgocoach became a name that others knew me by, but there’s no desire to fill those shoes. It was something I had to prove to myself that I could get certified and did, only to place another check mark on the ‘done’ list.

When I talk with people in my life today, they say, “Tell me about Barb’s world”, and I smile. I’ve been writing on that WordPress site, but want to share with you…I’m letting go of who I was thought to be, and to simply be. Thank you for your love and kind words of support through the years.

You are welcome to join me Inbarbsworld.

The Next Chapter

23 thoughts on “Farewell to Who I Thought I Was

  1. Hi Barb! Long time!

    I am thinking how it is ironic that this is the first post I read from you in a long time haha( Btw, it’s due to a lack of assertiveness from me, not your writing, so I apologize).

    I cannot wait to read what’s going on in your world πŸ™‚

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  2. Barb, congratulations on this big change! Following your new blog. This is a big life change and those can be exciting and daunting. You know already that I am going through the same. I have many joys I am anticipating in my upcoming retirement but also some fears. I’ve always wanted to start a new blog myself after ending my own. Maybe I’ll give that some serious thought. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    1. Hey Pat! Well, if nothing else at least it shows I actually do know how to ‘let go’! πŸ˜‚ I think of you so often because we are on similar paths. I hope you start another Blog when you’re ready. Maybe you can share what you learned during this ‘planning for retirement’ process with we who are clueless. I want to be your first follower. My pleasure lovely and thank you for your faithful friendship! πŸ™


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