It’s Only Pizza!

Everyday at the pizza place is different. It depends on who and how many walk in. When I leave to go home, God shows me a little snippet of why I’m there. Last night was no exception. I made mistakes. I work the front of the restaurant alone. Lastnight, several families came in at once. … Continue reading It’s Only Pizza!

I’m Seeing Red

The color red, coming back into my life. Someone said, “You have a boldness to you, but a sweet heart.”  Then Bossman at the pizza place said, “You’re blossoming Barb!” ♥ ♥ ♥ Red has been my favorite color most of my adult life, but somewhere along the path I lost that color. I leaned … Continue reading I’m Seeing Red

Let them Unload

Listening is an act of kindness. Sometimes my acts of kindness are intentional. I really have to stop and think, “What can I do today to extend kindness?” Who knew it takes thought!? I was out running errands yesterday, and I felt led to stop by the pizza place. I knew Boss man would be … Continue reading Let them Unload

Here and Now

Today is one of those rare days where I feel I’m right where I need to be. I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning my home, and rearranging items to make them more eye pleasing. I bought a lamp. I’ve always been drawn to light. I didn’t need a lamp, but this lamp replaced … Continue reading Here and Now

Be a Ma’am

The first time we met, he called me Ma’am. I texted him this morning to see when he would arrive, and via text he referred to me as Ma’am. Who am I talking about? My lawn guy 🙂 I see it at the Pizza place too. The young delivery guys say, “Yes Ma’am or No … Continue reading Be a Ma’am

Give it Time

I wish to encourage you today. No matter where you are in your journey…give it time. Time heals all. After 14 years of Blogging, a woman is finally where she yearned to be with her Blog, and her writing. This is only my fifth year. I’m going to give it time. When I begin a … Continue reading Give it Time

The Bounce Box

My daughter and I have this thing going on with the box of Bounce dryer sheets. Every time I reach in the cabinet to retrieve the box, the lid of the box is mashed in. It makes me smile when I see it. It shows me my daughter has her own way of doing things. … Continue reading The Bounce Box

Glimpses of Beauty

I woke up this morning feeling great again! I didn’t realize how much I took that feeling for granted until now. How I can have Chemo, and feel better than I have in months, is all God. I have made new friends along this journey! This oversized, blurry, picture is something else I took for … Continue reading Glimpses of Beauty