In 1998 my alcoholism had taken over my life, and it was time to stop drinking. This was a ‘do it or die’ situation, and because of a simple prayer, the desire to drink was removed completely. Over time everything changed, including my marriage.

A year before my 50th birthday, I left my 25 year marriage, and took my daughter with me.

I’ve done and been a lot of things, but I’m not here to display an impressive list. What the world sees as success, and what I see today are different. I’ve been the world’s definition, and I enjoy mine more.

Success for me is reaching one person’s heart and creating a shift in their perspective. It’s not the following, or the amount of likes. I’m just hoping for one, each time I write. What happens beyond that is like life itself. It’s icing on the cake.

Much love to you! xx Barb. xx