I lived out the first half of life and wasn’t happy. The second half was going to have to be better.

I was standing outside overlooking our small farm, contemplating life, when my daughter walked up to me, slid her small hand in mine and asked, “Are you ever going to smile again?” That was enough for me.

My daughter and I left that life and began a new one. This one is more that I’ve ever dreamed of.

I’ve done and been a lot of things, but I’m not here to display an impressive list. What the world sees as success, and what I see today are different. I’ve been the world’s definition, and I enjoy mine more.

Success for me is reaching one person’s heart and creating a shift in their perspective.  I’m just hoping for one, every time I write. What happens beyond that is like life itself. It’s icing on the cake.

Much love to you! xx Barb. xx