Who is Letitgocoach


I was standing outside overlooking our Ranch, contemplating my 50th birthday being the following year. My daughter walked up, slid her hand in mine and asked, “Are you ever going to be smile again?” I wanted the second half of our life to be the best part of our life, so I left a 25 year marriage and took my daughter with me.

Once we settled into our new life I felt like writing a book, but my daughter recommended I start a Blog. I’m grateful for this Blog because it took years to find my voice, and I’m still journeying toward my true self.

In 2014, I joined an online workshop for Letting Go. Going through each lesson on a weekly basis was a fresh start to this new beginning. Once I completed all the lessons, I was offered the opportunity to become a Letting Go Coach. I received certification and the name of this Blog was born.

Sadly, the couple who wrote the lessons and gave the certification let go of one another. The company dissolved. I was one of half a dozen certified Letting Go Coaches, but haven’t stepped into the role of Coach. The name Letitgocoach became my nom de plume.

My actual name is Barb, but people know me as Letitgocoach. I hope wherever you find yourself in this life, you muster up the courage to make it beautiful, and never settle. Don’t even think about it. ❤