Be Balanced

On March 9th, 2016, my doctor told me I had Breast Cancer.

A team of doctors had an aggressive plan of Chemotherapy already mapped out. Being healthy my whole life, I was terrified of the thought of Chemo.

I believe everyone can benefit from this product, but especially anyone going through Chemotherapy.

A dear friend of mine heard about my upcoming journey, and sent a case of Body Balance. She had just helped her father through Cancer and Chemo, and knew what to do. God always sends the right people at the perfect time.

Body Balance is a liquid, and absorbs at the cellular level.

Chemo was taking a toll on my blood cells at a rapid rate. I was called in for an Epogen shot preceding the weekly Chemo treatment. Epogen is kept refrigerated, and is thick in consistency. That was a very painful shot, and I didn’t want to ever have another one.

Body Balance oxygenates the blood, and causes rapid cell growth.

At my final doctor’s visit he said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but your blood looks better now, than before Chemo.” He knew it was God, and Body Balance.

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