Just Fall Apart

My life has come so far in a rather short amount of time. Being in the middle of it, makes it difficult to see. My daughter told me, “I don’t think you realize how far you’ve come.” I was having a pity party, but it didn’t last long.

goodBeing a coach is not about giving advice. For me, it’s about listening to someone talk, until they find their own answers. We all know what to do. Being an adult should give you the knowledge of what’s right and wrong. Knowing and doing are two different things. Knowing comes easy but doing is when it gets tough.

Listening to someone talk, and then repeating things they say to you is all it takes. We have the answers, they just get buried underneath the circumstances. Saying them out loud, instead of letting them roll around inside us is healthy. Mama always said, “There’s more room out than there is in”, and that holds true.

When life is falling apart around you, let it fall. We try so hard to hold everything together, but I have found that is only a temporary fix. Pull yourself together and do the next right thing. Start sorting through what is wrong in your life and get to what’s right. What is right for you will be good for others. Go through the debris and find the beauty.


biopicBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 15 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Let It Go Coach and helping others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is working on her first book.  You may connect with her via email. Letitgocoach@gmail.com









Passing Lanes

My daughter is learning to drive. She drives me everywhere in our Ford F150 we named Steve. I was pondering a Blog while she was driving and she spit out the words, “Passing Lanes.” I don’t know if that was for me or just what she noticed about the road. Either way, I’m gonna go with it. The one thing I have learned about her is, she’s right.

steve (2)My daughter does what’s right in driving just like the rest of her world. She goes a little over the speed limit, and get’s disturbed if the car in front of her is driving below it. She allows people to fly up on her tail and she doesn’t budge. She is obeying the law, so how they drive is on them.

The other day, she was ready to use the passing lane and warned me ahead of time. Being the first time, I was ready to talk her through and was surprised by what happened next. She moved Steve into the left lane, let off the gas and paused for a moment. The car she was aiming to pass continued steady speed, so we fell behind our goal. I urged her to ‘Kick it in’, and she took off and made a successful pass.

We are hesitant to pass what’s in front of us. These are like stumbling blocks in our path and must be looked at to see if it’s beneficial to our journey. I encourage you today to use your passing lane wisely. Some things are there to try and block us from God’s greater plan, while others could be exactly what we’ve been looking for all along. Be blessed.

I Just Died

A few months ago, I posted this Blog  I’m Drowning But Don’t Save Me.  Just a few days ago I died. It took months for it to happen because everything takes time. What I learned in that time is the difference between life and death.

I love to write. Words are very important to me and they fall out of my heart and onto paper, or in this case, a screen. Normally, I use a picture of a quote within my Blog to make it more attractive or prettier. Today, I don’t need to  because I can paint you a picture with my words. I can open my heart, and allow the words to fall out for you to see. It’s up to you how carefully you read and hear. We have to die a few times in life before we are able to really live.

I learn to wait. In October, 2014, I wrote Every Little Thing. Notice the difference in the amount of words in these two titles. I have learned it doesn’t take a lot of words to say something. If you look at my ‘Recent Posts’ listened on the right side of my home page, you will see a pattern. The titles are all three words or less. You are reading this Blog and you clicked on it because of the title. I hope by reading it, you are filled up with what is here for you to receive.

I love my music. My favorite song at this very moment is Mr. Hotness himself, Brett Eldredge, Mean To Me. Brett is very nice to look at, but I learned long ago, it’s not what I see on the outside that matters. It’s always the inside first and that will ooze through the pores for me to see. Today, this song tells the story of the man I want to love me. That is where I am. I don’t have to have his love, just the man. Love takes time and I am learning to wait for that man.

The sun is hitting the screen of my laptop now and it’s showing all the dust. I love to write but looking at the screen does not bring me joy. This tells me it’s time for me to stop typing and move on to the next thing I love. This Blog has written with love and it flowed from my heart through my fingers. It’s written throughout and I hope you can feel it.


Be Brave

I saw a post earlier today by one of my favorite shops in Bastrop, TX. They had changed their cover photo and it said, “Be Brave.’ I think I’m a pretty tough woman, but today was not the day for being brave.

zigziglarI am confident and comfortable in my own skin. The Letting Go process allowed me to shed my unwanted behaviors and let go of my past. It refined me, but wasn’t going to define me. My past has helped create the woman I am today, so I kept what was useful and the rest, I Let It Go. That made room for new things that would make me a better woman.

There is a popular song on the radio today called Take Your Time, by Sam Hunt. Sam is a good guy, so he chose to point a finger at Domestic Violence in the video, even though that is not what it’s about. To me the words make so much sense. Who or what is taking your time?

Some people charge for their time. I charge for mine, but not a lot. You can enjoy an 8 week session for $200, and that includes my time. It brings me joy to assist people with life changing results. That is priceless. When people give their time they are giving something they will never get back. When someone gives me their time, it is a gift that I try my best to give back in return.

Today I allow people into my life that want my time, but not only to take it, they should enjoy it. I allow people into my life that are willing to let go and do the same. Be brave and give something you will never get back. Together, we will reap the rewards for a lifetime.



No Worries

Growing up I saw my Mother and Grandmother worry about everything. Most of which, hadn’t even happened yet. I promised myself right then and there…I would not do that when I grow up. Still haven’t grown up, but I don’t worry!

I have not seen where worrying has ever solved a potential crisis. It takes a lot of energy to worry and will eventually effect your mind, body, health and quality of life. Harness that energy and put it toward your dream life. If something scary looking is on the horizon, it will either pass through or go away. Be grateful if it falls apart before it reaches you, and be grateful if it hits you like a storm. Storm’s pass and you will be stronger for standing firmly in it.

GodisupMy friends will tell you, I love to analyze. Getting to the root of everything is what I enjoy. Finding a balance between analyzing and trusting God is a delicate state for me. Over the years, I have learned to just let it go and trust God. He has my best interests at heart, so if I need to go through some stuff, He’s going to be my strong tower.

This builds faith and character. He wants us to trust and depend on Him for every little thing. If He can create the universe, I’m pretty sure he can handle whatever comes my way. It breaks my heart to see a woman’s face with permanent frown lines. It looks like she’s frowning even when she’s not. This tells me she has spent a lot of time worrying for her face to have those lines. A lot more time worrying than smiling for sure.

I would much rather smile. When you smile it makes you feel lighter and cheerful. Smile at someone and they will smile back at you. Smiles are contagious. If you must worry, turn that worry into prayer. Just keep laying it at God’s feet until you receive peace. All we have is today and this present moment. Don’t waste your time worrying about what’s going to happen. Face it when and if it gets here. Do the next right thing and make good choices through it. You will be better and stronger on the other side.



All I Know

Walking in God’s will. What is God’s will? How do we know? What if I miss it? Guess what? God knows where you live. If you miss it the first time around, He will find you and give you another shot.

GodswillWhen I don’t know what to do, I ask God for His wisdom. He will give it. Sometimes that is the main problem. Me and doing. All we have to do is follow Him and be obedient when He prompts us to do something. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Then why do we make it so hard?

Because we’re human and He gave us free will. Those two things right there are plenty for us to get into trouble! That’s why it’s so important to listen to that still small voice inside you and do what it says. God knows how to grab my attention. If I’m getting ready to step out and do something that is not His will, I will lose my peace immediately.

god_is_goodDo you ever have that uneasy feeling that something is just not right? Stop and sit with that until He reveals it. Just walking one step at a time, one day at a time works best for me. Do the next right thing. It’s that simple. Before doing something ask yourself, “Is this the next right thing?” Do you feel peace after asking? Look for signs and listen to your body.

You are not alone in life. God is ginormous and ours for the asking! Driving home this evening, I needed a sign from Him. I needed to know if I was in His will. Sitting at a stoplight, I noticed a transfer truck turning left and coming slowly toward me. He was going so slow and easy into his lane to my left, that I felt compelled to stop and look at the truck. Up at the top of the cab, the words were written in cursive, “God Is Good.” That’s all I know and that’s all I need to know.


Look For Signs

When I first moved to this little farm house on 40 acres, I had no clue what God had in store. I was hoping this was His will, but concerned that maybe this was my move and not His. There was nothing out here but grass, trees and a pond with a pier beside the house. This is what nothingness looked like and I slowly recalled mentioning to God, that is what I wanted. Give me nothingness.

blueheronThe entire story of the Blue Heron, or the Stork we named Elvis, is written in my Blog, Just Breathe. He was my sign that I was at the right house and exactly where I needed to be. There are actually two storks. The Blue Heron was the first one to show up and then a white Egret came to visit.

The white one, named Marilyn shows up often, so we don’t pay much attention to that one. She is here almost everyday, stays for a bit and leaves. Elvis is very majestic and carries himself with intention. Sometimes he makes himself known, like this morning, as I was gazing out the window. He purposefully strolled right into sight as if to say, “Good Morning Barbara. I’m here.”

At other times, I have to search for him. His coloring blends in with the brush and trees around the pond, so I have to look for movement for him to come into view. Sometimes, I just know he’s there without even looking. His presence fills me with peace and promise of good things to come. When he shows up, I can almost guarantee, a change is coming in my life.

Stork is fearless. I’m looking out the window now and it’s pouring down rain. He’s just standing there, watching for his morning catch of fish. The rain is not going to deter him from his mission. He is focused on eating and is not bothered by his environment. Now, if I go outside with gusto, and the screen door slams, it will disturb his focus and he will fly away. They are instinctual animals, so a loud noise resembling a gunshot will prompt him to flee to safety.

Look for signs. They are there because God always gives me a heads up before He swoops in and moves. Just like the Egret, God moves swiftly in my life, but he shows me little things leading up to the event. I may see nothing at first and that within itself is a sign that something has changed. Watch for the slightest movement. It will step into view when I’m strong enough to handle it.