Moments of Silence

It’s early morning and all is quiet. A gnawing noise wakes me from a deep and peaceful slumber. It sounded like a mouse chewing on wood nearby. To my further investigation I found my cat at the foot of my bed, on the floor eating a mouse. I was grateful she caught it, but really? Out of all the rooms to choose from she had to choose mine? Ew.

Sometimes-i-regret-being-niceShe had no regrets. She knows her worth and did a good job catching that mouse. Wanting to show me a job well done and knowing where I was that time of morning all makes sense. By the look on my face she knew it was time to take her treasure and leave. I went back to sleep.

If you live in Texas you’re going to encounter Scorpions. Bailey and I have become a pro at killing these vicious creatures. My faithful dog, Mochee was on the front porch with me yesterday evening. He was looking at me, tail wagging, happy to be in my presence, when I spotted a scorpion.

He saw it and jumped out of the way but not before it stung him on his paw. He started howling and jumping around in pain! The scorpion ran away, so Mochee did his job. I scooped him up and comforted him as he licked the injury.

It reminded me of that Bruno Mars song, Grenade and I went to look it up. My animals love their people so much! I woke up this morning assessing if the people in my life do. I am a woman of valor and deserve the very best God has for me. He gives me His best so I can share it with others. This morning, I have realized I need to make wiser choices.

Two weeks ago, our cat Marsha had kittens. She gave birth in her kennel and they lived there for a while. Bailey and I looked in one day and they were gone. She had moved them to a basket of blankets tucked in a corner of the mud room. I hear a ruckus and walk in to find her moving them from the basket, to under the water heater. It doesn’t look like the safest place to me, but I will trust her judgement. She will obviously take a grenade for them too.

Make Me Wait

I have not been good at waiting. Being patient and waiting are two different things. Patience reflects the good attitude during the wait. Without patience, I can bulldoze through and make things happen. Today, I choose to wait.

waitingResponding verses Reacting. We live in a ‘Now’ society. Everything is drive thru now. You can get married in a drive thru and probably even accept Jesus. When we get what we want quickly, there is no time involved to weigh out it’s worth. It’s worth is weighed by the waiting. It’s the attitude I keep during the waiting that is a struggle. Keeping a positive attitude in the wait.

Making good choices take time. I like to wait 3 days before making a critical decision. If it has the ability to alter my path, I can wait. It took Jesus three days to rise from the dead. A lot can happen in three days! Waiting can wear me out and make me weary in well doing, but I must not faint.

I wait while writing every Blog. God will show me a topic and I see the title. That always comes first, but it’s up to me and my patience in knowing what that title should mean. There are many avenues it could take. Choosing what I want to share is the hardest part. It sits and waits while I type.

I have heard, to see patience in a  person, sit them down in front of a computer with very slow Internet. Remember dial up connection?

I have learned less is indeed more. Two weeks ago I thought the length of my Blog reflected the amount of which my heart had stored. Looking at this today, I realize it just took a lot of words to get around to what I really wanted to say. So, I ask you, How long should we wait? At what point does waiting fall into cowardice? Feel free to comment.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 16 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Letitgocoach and help others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is writing her first book.  You may connect with her via email.




I Love You

I write this Blog with my heart and my heart runs down my arms, through my fingers onto the keyboard. Let me tell you a story about loving. There are many ways to love without even saying a single word. Wait and be patient.

troyWe touch to feel. We love through touch. There are many ways to touch but the fingers are always used. Touching in many ways fills us up. We can be like an empty well, but when we start to feel touched, that turns the nozzle and water begins to pour. I believe we need little touches throughout the day to be fulfilled.

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life that will touch you, let them. Soak it up until you are so full of love it overflows. When they touch you, respond quickly in return. They give to you and you can turn around and give back to them. Let it flow back and forth between you and feel the filling of the well.

When I first saw this picture I glanced away because of the naked woman. I was talking to Mr. Smith about it and he sounded perplexed, like he didn’t see anyone naked. That is a good when we can see the words before the naked body. Touch.

I Just Died

A few months ago, I posted this Blog  I’m Drowning But Don’t Save Me.  Just a few days ago I died. It took months for it to happen because everything takes time. What I learned in that time is the difference between life and death.

I love to write. Words are very important to me and they fall out of my heart and onto paper, or in this case, a screen. Normally, I use a picture of a quote within my Blog to make it more attractive or prettier. Today, I don’t need to  because I can paint you a picture with my words. I can open my heart, and allow the words to fall out for you to see. It’s up to you how carefully you read and hear. We have to die a few times in life before we are able to really live.

I learn to wait. In October, 2014, I wrote Every Little Thing. Notice the difference in the amount of words in these two titles. I have learned it doesn’t take a lot of words to say something. If you look at my ‘Recent Posts’ listened on the right side of my home page, you will see a pattern. The titles are all three words or less. You are reading this Blog and you clicked on it because of the title. I hope by reading it, you are filled up with what is here for you to receive.

I love my music. My favorite song at this very moment is Mr. Hotness himself, Brett Eldredge, Mean To Me. Brett is very nice to look at, but I learned long ago, it’s not what I see on the outside that matters. It’s always the inside first and that will ooze through the pores for me to see. Today, this song tells the story of the man I want to love me. That is where I am. I don’t have to have his love, just the man. Love takes time and I am learning to wait for that man.

The sun is hitting the screen of my laptop now and it’s showing all the dust. I love to write but looking at the screen does not bring me joy. This tells me it’s time for me to stop typing and move on to the next thing I love. This Blog has written with love and it flowed from my heart through my fingers. It’s written throughout and I hope you can feel it.


Be Brave

I saw a post earlier today by one of my favorite shops in Bastrop, TX. They had changed their cover photo and it said, “Be Brave.’ I think I’m a pretty tough woman, but today was not the day for being brave.

zigziglarI am confident and comfortable in my own skin. The Letting Go process allowed me to shed my unwanted behaviors and let go of my past. It refined me, but wasn’t going to define me. My past has helped create the woman I am today, so I kept what was useful and the rest, I Let It Go. That made room for new things that would make me a better woman.

There is a popular song on the radio today called Take Your Time, by Sam Hunt. Sam is a good guy, so he chose to point a finger at Domestic Violence in the video, even though that is not what it’s about. To me the words make so much sense. Who or what is taking your time?

Some people charge for their time. I charge for mine, but not a lot. You can enjoy an 8 week session for $200, and that includes my time. It brings me joy to assist people with life changing results. That is priceless. When people give their time they are giving something they will never get back. When someone gives me their time, it is a gift that I try my best to give back in return.

Today I allow people into my life that want my time, but not only to take it, they should enjoy it. I allow people into my life that are willing to let go and do the same. Be brave and give something you will never get back. Together, we will reap the rewards for a lifetime.



Sharpening My Machete

Patience. I am learning if all I do is wait, everything will work out for the greater good. People get caught up in the ‘doing’ of life. There is a big difference between taking steps forward each day and running through a field with a machete. If you choose the latter of the two. It better be sharp.

option-2a8hEvery now and then, I get to a point in my life where I need to weed. With Spring coming up, it always surprises me that weeds come up first. They will start to show off before the grass and flowers. They are the same color as grass, so driving by you can enjoy the green color. Looking closely you will see their true nature. If not tended to, they will cover the beautiful grass and choke it out.

In Texas we have weeds that are considered flowers. I’m sorry, but there is nothing more pure than an actual flower. The weed tries to imitate, but is weak. An imposter. Go cut a bunch of blooming weeds and put them in a vase of water, and then purchase a small bouquet of flowers and do the same. See which one lasts longer and brings you more joy.

Get out your machete and start whacking some weeds. They have deep roots, so you may haveta dig! Start whacking, pulling, digging or spraying today!  Whatever they are in your life, they will take over and choke out the beauty. Once removed you will immediately see the goodness in bloom!



Gate Closed

My daughter and I moved into our new home this week. We have a large metal gate at the opening of our driveway. While we were moving all our belongings into the house, the gate was always open. Once we finished, the man who built the house shut the gate. We drove up that night to a closed gate and it was the strangest feeling. Was it trying to keep us out? No. It was protecting what’s inside.

blogReflecting on this Easter Sunday, Christ went through massive suffering so we don’t have to. I stayed in suffering, for many years because I didn’t know any different. It’s a learned behavior. Sometimes life starts out hard and we learn it young. Other times, it’s a gradual ascent over time where we just end up there. However you got there doesn’t matter as much as knowing, you don’t have to stay there.

It’s up to us. Christ died so we could enjoy a beautiful life. The advice our parents drilled into us falls short now. Go to college, learn a skill and work hard the rest of your life doesn’t cut it. Your gift will take you farther than any job will.

I was fearful for about half a minute thinking about this move. The actual moving of items was work, but God had this house just sitting here empty, waiting on us. I don’t know why we’re here, or what’s ahead. My life was good where I was. God always has more in store and I was ready for more bettah.

Today, I am open to receiving all the goodness He has in store. No more fear or living a life of suffering. If you are ready to step out of your past, I’m hosting a Virtual Workshop in 2 weeks. Would love to have you join me! We can drive through that gate together and Let It Go.