Love and Light

Today is her birthday and she turned 21. She’s not here though. She’s in England. It’s an odd feeling for both of us. We were texting the other night about her turning 21, and she said, “I wish I were five.” Well, my darling. I remember five, and wondered if I’d do anything different? Then… Continue reading Love and Light

Showers That Shine

“Get your shit together”, is what I’d tell her. Of course, I was referring to her need to pack for her weekend with her Dad. She was much younger then, but now that’s she’s a young adult, we say it to one another in jest. Hugging her goodbye I’d say, “I’ll try and get my… Continue reading Showers That Shine

Two of Everything

When my daughter and I first began living this life together, you could look around and see two of everything. The house has two bedrooms. There’s two overstuffed chairs in the den. Two blankets on a nearby shelf readily available. We created a life for two. It’s time to open my heart for more. I… Continue reading Two of Everything

Make Small Choices

“Maybe I’m too picky?”, was my thought. I debunked that thought quickly after taking a glance at the past and seeing where not being picky landed me. Quality of life reflects choices my darling, no matter how small. At 10:00 am I made my second Chemex. I’m not sitting here highly caffeinated because I poured… Continue reading Make Small Choices

Keep Watching Darling

Life is what you make it. I believe this with every fiber of my being. I watched my Mama do her very best and she watched hers. It looked hard. It’s how we see it. There’s options. Choose wisely. Victim or victor? Last week, my daughter witnessed my breaking point. I plopped down on the edge… Continue reading Keep Watching Darling

Oh Sugar Sugar

Looking in the mirror this morning, my face has a healthy glow. My eyes are clear and my heart is happy to have spent three days at the beach. Getting back to normal life I was ready to smell something good. They sell Swan Creek Candles in Texas, so it’s a little odd I bought… Continue reading Oh Sugar Sugar

It’s Worth It

My daughter was away from home and sent me this meme. It’s us. Her memes are hilarious. I found myself recently responding to comments with, “It’s worth it.” My mind began flashing images of this life and it’s all been worth it. When my daughter is away from home, I close her bedroom door. Our… Continue reading It’s Worth It

Send it Back

The peony is almost out of season. I love this flower. It has layers of petals and to watch them slowly unfold brings contentment. My life is so simple that I’m entertained by watching peonies open before my eyes. 🙂 A nearby store carries them, but supply is getting low, so I bought what they… Continue reading Send it Back

All the Magnificence

My daughter has left for the weekend. We have this word we’ve been using. Magnificent. Let the weekend begin. I hugged her before she left and she said, “You smell good.” I was wearing my shimmer mist, so maybe she will see some glitter from that hug later on. She texted me once she arrived… Continue reading All the Magnificence