There’s No Rush

The hibiscus in my previous post has another bloom. It was just starting to open, but I wondered how quickly it would bloom, so I snapped this picture to capture the moment. Each morning, I take a moment to step out on the front porch to assess my surroundings. They are a reflection of the care… Continue reading There’s No Rush

Pretty is Important

It was time to order coffee. I love Bluebottle coffee and their Hario Cold Brew Bottle. I asked my daughter to choose what kind. She sat down in front of the computer and looked at the website. Walking into the kitchen I said, “Pick one out and put it in the cart. I’ll handle the rest.”… Continue reading Pretty is Important

The Anchor Piece

Since posting under the bed, my room has become a haven again. My daughter walked by the room and couldn’t believe it. It went from something I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to, to well loved. She said, “Wow! Your room is more beautiful than mine now!” For a moment I felt a twinge… Continue reading The Anchor Piece

That’s True Love

My daughter will be gone most of the day. She makes a Chemex, because she has it down to a science, whereas I do not. I sit in the den anticipating that magical cup of brew. This morning she did something so special. She has this coffee cup she knows I love. It’s just the… Continue reading That’s True Love

So Many Firsts

My daughter is at the eye doctor today. She called and made an appointment yesterday to have her eyes checked. What an adult thing to do. I’m in awe watching her set her sails. We raise them to the best of our ability, and then watch them as they go. I’m not going to try and… Continue reading So Many Firsts

I Get To

I love being an adult. When you’re a teenager, you are too young for most of what you would like to do and too old for the rest. Being an adult, you can do most anything you want to do, within reason of course. I’ve started to journal again. It started a couple of weeks… Continue reading I Get To