Pretty is Important

It was time to order coffee. I love Bluebottle coffee and their Hario Cold Brew Bottle. I asked my daughter to choose what kind. She sat down in front of the computer and looked at the website. Walking into the kitchen I said, “Pick one out and put it in the cart. I’ll handle the rest.”… Continue reading Pretty is Important

Do For Themselves

I always know when it’s time to write. Whether it be in a journal, my book, or here. The dogs become quiet and the house falls into a deafening stillness. The birds are singing in the front yard even though there is no bird feeder. The squirrels left, but the birds stayed. It’s been a… Continue reading Do For Themselves

Worth the Fight

A form of letting go is to ‘let it be.’ To breathe in the early morning was to sit on the front porch with coffee and watch the birds feed from the bird feeder. Now my yard is still and quiet. The bird feeder sits on the floor by the back door. The squirrels took… Continue reading Worth the Fight

The Only Way To Win

The community of WordPress is a special place. We lift each other up, and love on one another with comments. Andy here recently nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award. This is my way of saying thank you. To introduce him to you by sharing his work to my WordPress family. I love what Andy… Continue reading The Only Way To Win

Free to Be

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My darling. This is the day you walked through with grace. Last December, he ripped out your heart, and threw it away. It was so unexpected. No warning of the words he said. You crumbled to the floor, and I held you while you screamed. He decided to take a road trip with a buddy… Continue reading Free to Be