You Be You

In Walk like Wind, I wrote about my hesitation of being tall. That’s what I was really getting at with yesterday’s post. Wearing the boots make me even taller, but I’m embracing it. We are each uniquely made, so we don’t have to try and be different. We already are. I came home to a… Continue reading You Be You

It’s the Climb

Yesterday, while writing  Feel the Music, Lewis Capaldi began singing a cover of the Miley Cyrus song, The Climb. It’s one of my favorite songs and yes, I love Miley. She went through a major growth phase and being a celebrity, we got to watch. To find our true selves, we need to peel back… Continue reading It’s the Climb

My Kinda Midlife

I was spending way too much time sitting at my desk. Now, I’m pondering selling my desk. What changed? I did. Today, I attended a class about Ayurveda. Yesterday, I attended an ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics‘ meeting, and Saturday I’m learning how to make a smudge stick. How did I get to where I am… Continue reading My Kinda Midlife

Complete the Lesson

I love seeing God walk through my life. I was mopping earlier, and had a revelation. When you are focused on a task, He whispers. It used to happen while vacuuming, but this house has carpet in only one room. He knows it gonna take longer than one room for me to hear Him, so… Continue reading Complete the Lesson

Just Being Me

There is a reason it feels good to be loved when we are going through pain. That is why we go to a funeral home, to see the family of the deceased, to show them we care and help them through their loss. I love the way SC Lourie writes. It’s like her very soul… Continue reading Just Being Me

It’s All Good

I write about beauty and this life God has given me. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Overthinking any given phrase can cause me to pick apart a conversation. The handful of people I surround myself with would be better off if I would choose the correct role and stay there. My daughter… Continue reading It’s All Good