Buckets of Love

She’s not crazy. She’s just been through some stuff. Everyone I came in contact with today referred to someone as crazy. I especially love it when men refer to their ex’s as crazy. That tells me to stay clear of those men. 🙂 A friend called one of my neighbors crazy in the exact moment… Continue reading Buckets of Love

Save the Lizard

It was a long seven minutes waiting for the French press of coffee to be at it’s peak this morning. I normally set a timer for it, but instead just periodically glanced at the clock. While I was waiting, our younger dog Winnie, began playing with something on the floor. We’ve had a baby lizard… Continue reading Save the Lizard

In the Bag

As I walked by the boutique window I saw this bag sitting atop a shelf. It was so simple yet magical. I felt that familiar shift of perspective. Would it affect others similarly? I walked in and purchased the bag. It sits on top of the fridge as a dual reminder. One, for what it… Continue reading In the Bag

Send it Back

The peony is almost out of season. I love this flower. It has layers of petals and to watch them slowly unfold brings contentment. My life is so simple that I’m entertained by watching peonies open before my eyes. 🙂 A nearby store carries them, but supply is getting low, so I bought what they… Continue reading Send it Back

Feel the Music

When my daughter first started driving, we lived in the country. There was no traffic unless she took a major highway to visit her Dad or friends. She learned to take the back roads. The advice I offered was, “Let as many people out as possible. If you see someone that needs to enter the… Continue reading Feel the Music

Your Daily Reminder

Over the weekend, I bought a new phone. The calendar on this one is a little more intense than my previous phone. It gives an enormous amount of options for the reminders. Yes lovely. I set reminders about everything. ♥ ♥ ♥ I spoke with a friend yesterday, and as soon as we hung up… Continue reading Your Daily Reminder

Find Your Spot

It has been a tranquil day. To go with the flow, I did small tasks to improve my environment. Just little things around the house that had been overlooked, like the kitchen table. It had become our ‘catch all’, but now it is clean. I also worked on my spot. This is where I write… Continue reading Find Your Spot

Used by God

I logged back onto my Facebook account. I’ve been away for 6 months, and didn’t miss it. When I joined SC Lourie on the November Soul Reset, she sent out an email with an invitation to join a FB group. Being a part of a group allows you to be supportive of others. I’ve been… Continue reading Used by God