Savor the Moments

The best email of the week. “Barbara…Your Holiday candle is here!” My daughter laughed as I put this reminder in my calendar. “Only my Mother schedules a candle pickup”, she quipped. Life is not all business. You have to schedule in goodness too. The lady who sent the email owns a local shoppe and we’ve… Continue reading Savor the Moments

That is Love

You know I frequent a small town coffee-house. The coffee is a bonus. It’s the people I gravitate toward. Today, their love and kindness blew me away. God had it all lined up for me to walk in at just the right moment. The owner was making something specifically for my heart. I walked in… Continue reading That is Love

Wait With Me

I write about a beautiful life, and that is my hearts desire to share with you. Right now, I feel the need to get this out, and writing always helps soothe the soul. Once again, I am waiting. Last Friday, I went in for my 6 month checkup, and had a mammogram. It began as… Continue reading Wait With Me

Cherish the Moment

The weekend is here, and I hope you have moments. I am blessed to enjoy moments everyday, but for some, that is not possible yet. To relax your body, and mind to the point of seeing what is happening right in front of you. My fave moment this week by far, was with my daughter.… Continue reading Cherish the Moment

Enjoy the Moment

Late yesterday evening, I broke a water pipe outside. I was grateful to be directed to the water shut off valve, and that the explosion of water was outdoors. My first thought was, “Let’s see if I can fix it.” Three years ago, I had a barn full of a little bit of everything. There… Continue reading Enjoy the Moment