Protect Your Happy

Sitting in the corner of the room at my desk, I raised my weary head and asked, “Is it time for chocolate cold brew yet?” She said, “Heck yeah!”, and disappeared into the kitchen. My attitude was instantly uplifted. This new email platform for work is eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you know… Continue reading Protect Your Happy

Moment For One

We’ve enjoyed cool mornings this week in Texas. The front door is open so the screen door is being enjoyed. As I look around the house, I see things that need to be done. The floor is so dirty thanks to the doggos, but that dirt is not going anywhere without my assistance, so it… Continue reading Moment For One

Soothe Your Soul

Taking time this morning to read the Blog posts of some new followers. I haven’t said much about the state our lives are in, but if I did, it would be similar to this. 7 Ways to Self-Reflect During the Lockdown… This jumped off the page at me. “Your life is supposed to be a… Continue reading Soothe Your Soul

Lay In It

It doesn’t take much to inspire me. Sitting at the coffee table this morning, I was watching one of our dogs. I had opened the front door for him, first thing this morning. It’s nice and cool outside, and I thought he would enjoy laying in front of the screen door. But no, what does… Continue reading Lay In It

Don’t Get Up

I’m trying to find my groove with posting a Blog. My job has taken on full-time status, 7 days a week, and I give it my all. I believe while you work the job, you still need to fuel the dream. Writing is a dream come true for me. Here’s another photo from my vison… Continue reading Don’t Get Up

Enjoy the Good

I asked my daughter, “Have you noticed the coffee bar smells like coffee?” Walking by the bar, you can smell the various grinds from it’s frequent use. She introduced me to this roaster a month ago. I just love the name, ‘Hairbender’. She used it to make a Chemex for us to share. Once that… Continue reading Enjoy the Good

Feel the Music

I asked Google to tell me a joke. She said, “Why does the scarecrow keep being promoted? Because he’s outstanding in his field.” After that, I feel better about my jokes, and it made me think of this song. This is one of those country songs that makes my daughter cringe. She doesn’t care for… Continue reading Feel the Music

The Screen Door

There’s something about a screen door. The hinges always squeak when you pull it open, and I have no fancy to oil them. It’s part of it’s charm. Then, that slam once released. It’s like announcing, “I’m home!” This house didn’t have one when we moved in. Our previous houses did, and it was my… Continue reading The Screen Door

Just Two Minutes

That’s what we would say to a colleague. I need just two minutes of your time. Of course, there was no timer set, so it turned into a 30 minute brain storming session. Like my Blogger friend, Still a Dreamer, today’s circumstances are not really affecting me. I’ve worked from home the past 10 years,… Continue reading Just Two Minutes

What a Legend

Legends rising up amid the chaos. A Blogger friend of mine was recently laid off from work. She’s in the cleaning industry, so I believe it’s wise for now. She announced being home-bound and what did she do? Made freakin’ bunnies! I read her Blog this morning and it made me smile. I even giggled at… Continue reading What a Legend