Putting It Off

I finished going through my archives. I stopped at 2019, but will glance through those as well. Reading each post from 2014-2018 was like reliving Breast Cancer, and seeing how much I loved Mr. Smith, all over again. It was worth going through twice. I no longer cringe when people read my archives. I know… Continue reading Putting It Off

You’re Not Alone

I published a Blog yesterday, and went back into my Blogsite and deleted it. The same thing happened today. Write, edit, publish, and an hour later, delete. To the 5 people who read them both, “I apologize if I scarred you for life.” My email followers received notifications of the posts. Clicked on the link,… Continue reading You’re Not Alone

Set Me Free

I want to show you my hair. As you may have read in Repeat if Desired, we were trying to bleach it to white. Then my daughter was going to put lavender on it, but it has evolved into something on it’s own. My hair grows fast, which I learned Thanks to Chemo. By the… Continue reading Set Me Free

What A Year

I went to see my Breast Surgeon this morning for a follow up visit. She said, “You look great! You cannot even tell you’ve been through an all out war!” All I could say was, “God is good.” She always hands me a list of my next steps. She wants me to wait a few… Continue reading What A Year

The Cone Down

A pretty sight for me is this red tea in a pink mug. It’s cold and rainy here in Texas, and I am back at my farmhouse. I learned today that Radiation is going to get better tomorrow. Radiation is better than Chemo. Thanks to Chemo, I guage life’s upsets upon it. If something happens… Continue reading The Cone Down

People Mean Well

My daughter and I live in a very small town. We found out recently, that people ride by and look to see if our vehicles are here. They know when we’re home, and when we’re not home. I’m sure they mean well, but in today’s world, that could be considered ‘stalking.’ There is a man… Continue reading People Mean Well

Don’t Be Angry

I woke up thinking of a lady I saw at Radiation. She was agitated in my presence, and I couldn’t grasp how to comfort her. I thought she was scared, but I found out later, she was angry. There are 5 stages of grief, and when I found out I had Breast Cancer, I went… Continue reading Don’t Be Angry

Turning Inside Out

I don’t typically Blog at night, so my hope is, this reaches someone who needs it. Today was a day of comfort. I got home late yesterday afternoon from Christmas visits. A friend I haven’t talked to in a while, spent time with me this morning, just catching up. It was good to reconnect with… Continue reading Turning Inside Out

Look and See

My favorite part of this Breast Cancer Journey, is the people God has placed in my path. Friends I’ve had for years, and new ones, love on me. I salute all you Beautiful Souls that give us care in the Cancer Centers. You make a difference in peoples lives every single day. I don’t know… Continue reading Look and See

Dear Sober Me

It’s been raining this week in Texas. The sun broke through the clouds this morning, beamed through the front windows, and filled my home with light. The air outside was cool, but the warmth of the sun felt fabulous. Now it’s cloudy again, but that is only the weather. I am grateful every morning I… Continue reading Dear Sober Me