Just Be Sweet

There’s memes floating around this time of year about, ‘finishing the year strong.’ It’s tiresome being strong all the time and I want to finish the year more gently. I’m taking the rest of the year off from being strong. I’ve been told, “You come across a little strong.” Well, that’s what I’ve become, but… Continue reading Just Be Sweet

Honoring My Story

Saying ‘thank you‘ to that woman in the mirror for showing up. Seeing the words, ‘Well-being Wednesday’ and relating completely. Owning my worth and no longer giving away my worthiness. Honor your story my darling, but keep adding to it. The story will become new along with you.

Iron Sharpens Iron

It was years ago when I first saw one of SC Lourie’s memes and thought, ‘I want to make memes that look like that.’ They are beautiful and well loved. She designs her own paper, so there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. I’ve mastered the art of making memes, but they don’t… Continue reading Iron Sharpens Iron

A Peaceful Sunday

My camera roll reflects my life. The caption for this photo would read, “Happy Sunday. It’s ‘be good to you’ day. Which should be everyday, but it’s a little bit sweeter on a Sunday.” It’s how this day began. Sunday has rapidly become my favorite day of the week. What I do today and the… Continue reading A Peaceful Sunday

Your Daily Reminder

Over the weekend, I bought a new phone. The calendar on this one is a little more intense than my previous phone. It gives an enormous amount of options for the reminders. Yes lovely. I set reminders about everything. ♥ ♥ ♥ I spoke with a friend yesterday, and as soon as we hung up… Continue reading Your Daily Reminder

They Are Mailed

SC Lourie designed Christmas cards this year. I saw them online after Thanksgiving and fell in love. I was so excited about the cards I overlooked the shipping method and she sent them regular mail. They arrived last weekend from the UK. I have fond memories of Christmas cards as a child. Mama would tape… Continue reading They Are Mailed