Worth the Wait

The candle display looked sparse. My friend who owns the local Shoppe had placed an order for new ones, but they hadn’t come in yet. The display looked like it was in waiting. I went back to the Shoppe a few days later, but still no candles. There was a holdup in the shipment, but… Continue reading Worth the Wait

That Sunday Feel

Sunday’s are for wearing what I want. November calls for layers. Jeans with holes worn in them. Chenille house shoes trimmed in fur with real soles to step outside if needed. I’m pretty sure nothing I have on matches, but it feels good, like a Sunday. Our favorite blankets folded and ready for the taking… Continue reading That Sunday Feel

Magical Mom Moments

I sent my daughter a Marco Polo. I called the video, your ‘Magical Mom Moments.’ These candles are one of my all-time faves. They burn a long time, smell sensational, and the containers are beautiful. Once the candle is done, it hurts my heart to throw it away, but no more! That little bit of… Continue reading Magical Mom Moments

It’s Romantic Football

A change in perspective. In any relationship you need to spend time together. Even if it’s sitting in the same room. Just be present with one another. Make the most of every moment. When we first met, I didn’t like football. Our second year, I had breast cancer. By the third year, I realised football… Continue reading It’s Romantic Football

This Is Normal

The life my daughter and I share is not normal. We care for one another at a very high level. We watch each other, and learn how to do so. We are now down to the details. I bought a new toothbrush holder, and noticed the openings are large enough to hold more than a… Continue reading This Is Normal

Break Some Rules

I feel like I have a lot to share. It’s a matter of stopping long enough to write it out. I am staying home this weekend, so I’ve been going through the house doing things that bring me joy. My daughter left to go visit her Dad, so I started with beauty. There are not… Continue reading Break Some Rules