Pause and Breathe

Chocolate makes everything better. As I’m standing in line with a bag of chocolate eggs, I saw this magazine. Just seeing it poured a bucket of calm over me, so it was added to my purchase. Trusting where you are today matters for who you’ll be tomorrow. I believe those words. I’ve watched them come… Continue reading Pause and Breathe

To Stay Stopped

I had a surprise visit from a neighbor. I was vacuuming up dog hair and didn’t hear the knock on the door at first. I opened it to find my friend and her young son standing on the porch. Her little boy was holding a giant chocolate bar. He raised it up toward me as… Continue reading To Stay Stopped

Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

To be a good neighbor has been on my heart this year. I’m friends with the neighbor beside and behind me, but want to befriend more. To place more action into the ‘to be kind‘ thought. To really plug into community and show kindness and caring toward my neighbors. To be the house where people… Continue reading Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

Hand Her Chocolate

We’re in high vibration mode this week. My daughter is studying for finals, which she will take Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon, her beau arrives from England. I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table with her as she speaks strongly to her laptop screen. Challenging the competency of the practice quiz in a high pitched… Continue reading Hand Her Chocolate

Your Daily Reminder

Over the weekend, I bought a new phone. The calendar on this one is a little more intense than my previous phone. It gives an enormous amount of options for the reminders. Yes lovely. I set reminders about everything. ♥ ♥ ♥ I spoke with a friend yesterday, and as soon as we hung up… Continue reading Your Daily Reminder