To Stay Planted

My friend who I meet for coffee once a month gave me a beautiful mug. It’s a travel mug, which I didn’t have. I usually drink my coffee before leaving the house, so it’s rather liberating knowing my coffee can now travel. The box has been sitting on the coffee bar, and it’s just as… Continue reading To Stay Planted

Worth the View

A Blogger friend commented on the photo in A New View. When my daughter and I walked out of the newly built house mentioned in that post, she glanced my way, as if trying to read my thoughts. The house was nice enough, but the view was no better than where I am now. My… Continue reading Worth the View

Coffee and Contemplation

I’ve been thinking about mornings and to retrain myself to get up early. I’m normally awake before dawn, but with the cooler weather, it’s dreadful leaving the warm bed. There’s nothing wrong with that every now and then, but there’s things I want to accomplish. Pondering the New Year, it feels like God is giving… Continue reading Coffee and Contemplation

Greet the Day

Each day is unique and treated as such. The first thing I do, after waking up, is walk through the house and open all the blinds on the windows to let the light in. My day varies from there. I have no set routine, but there are certain rituals that enhance my morning. Yesterday, I… Continue reading Greet the Day

Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

To be a good neighbor has been on my heart this year. I’m friends with the neighbor beside and behind me, but want to befriend more. To place more action into the ‘to be kind‘ thought. To really plug into community and show kindness and caring toward my neighbors. To be the house where people… Continue reading Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

I’m Not Empty

It’s funny what you get used to. I take a lot for granted. Especially morning routines. I’m having Oral Surgery this afternoon and can’t eat or drink beforehand. This is a pitiful picture to post. It made me a little bit sad walking into the kitchen, knowing I couldn’t fix it. My body is confused.… Continue reading I’m Not Empty

A Chill Day

I just made my second Chemex. The first one was shared with my daughter. She is the Queen of Chemex, so it makes me a little nervous when I hand her one that I make. This morning as I was making it, thoughts of her and how happy she is right now were floating through… Continue reading A Chill Day

Don’t Shrink Yourself

I awoke by what sounded like a blender. Then that familiar scent entered my room. My WordPress friend, Still a Dreamer, gets this moment. She refers to it as the Nectar of the Gods. Yes my darling, I woke up to the smell of a freshly brewed Chemex! Life doesn’t get any better! My daughter… Continue reading Don’t Shrink Yourself

Cookies and Chemex

I’m getting the hang of this emptying nest. My daughter has not been home this week. She has a friend visiting and they’re spending time together. She texted me yesterday before they came by for a visit. It was nice to see them and be included in her life, but it wasn’t sad to see… Continue reading Cookies and Chemex

Your Daily Reminder

Over the weekend, I bought a new phone. The calendar on this one is a little more intense than my previous phone. It gives an enormous amount of options for the reminders. Yes lovely. I set reminders about everything. ♥ ♥ ♥ I spoke with a friend yesterday, and as soon as we hung up… Continue reading Your Daily Reminder