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Feel the Difference

I shop at 3 different grocery stores.

Each store has specific items that add to the beauty of life. Yesterday, I opened the dog food bin and noticed it was getting low. It was time to go to that specific store.

The parking lot was full. This parking lot is never full no matter what time of day you go. Walking toward the store, a woman was walking toward me headed to her car. She was wearing a hoodie, mask and goggles.

Seeing that was unsettling, yet sad.

You can guess what the inside of the store looked like. People standing in the cleaning aisle looking for disinfectant. Sorry darling but it’s all organic and earth friendly. No Lysol here. The water aisle was sparse, toilet paper gone, and one lady had a cart full of numerous gallons of milk.

This store doesn’t carry a lot of regular milk. I come here for oat milk. Most all of their milk is dairy free, so I’m pretty sure she cleaned out the milk shelf.

Looking at the shelves, most all the ‘normal’ items were gone, but that’s not the reason you come to this store.

You come here to replenish goodness.

There was no shortage of Picnik coffees! Which is rather odd because they do sell out. Especially when they’re on sale.

Picnik Austin

There was a crowd at the meat counter. I’ve never seen that before at this store.

There was a lady asking people where to find stuff on her list. She asked, “Where’s the butter?” I just smiled and pointed her in the direction of vegan butter. The only real butter they sell is hand rolled.

The last couple of weeks they’ve been sold out of one of my favorite teas. I was happy to see it back on the shelf. The frantic vibe of the store made is easy to ponder buying more than one, but that comes with a price.

Not only would it stretch my budget, but fear would creep in. I just bought one.


Then there were the lines at the checkout. On a regular day, there are no lines, but that day they were halfway through the store. I stood in line and began interacting with some ladies. That’s what we do at stores like this. We are regular shoppers and we talk about the goodness it offers.

Until a woman walks up to us and encourages us to stop talking and getting moving. We hadn’t noticed that our line had split two ways, but she had.

We said our farewells and checked out.

I saw a glimpse of good that day. People that normally don’t shop there did. The store didn’t encompass the level of serenity it normally does, but just maybe these people felt it when they walked in and took some home. They left with a little more peace along with some really good food.

Not only will they taste a difference, but my hope is they feel the difference.



Rise Above It

My daughter is in England. She messaged me this morning, “We are on the coach heading to Manchester!” I said, “Are the horses pretty pulling the coach?” 😂

I appreciate all of your suggestions for Name This Meeting, but I’ve placed it back in drafts. That’s not how it’s done. The name of the meeting is chosen by the group, so for now it’s called Women of AA.

♥ ♥ ♥

My daughter loves to fly.

When I took her to the airport yesterday, it was empty. The media will cause fear and panic. Fear is like a flame that spreads like wildfire, but this made our experience better. She wasn’t on a crowded flight.

Women like us don’t follow the masses.

We stand our ground for what’s right.

We make mistakes, but learn from them and move on. We’re not too proud to admit we got it wrong because we are willing to turn it around by doing what’s right.

My daughter reminded me of this.

It may look dark and cloudy, but once the plane rises above the clouds, you can see the sun. It doesn’t stop shining, and my God doesn’t stop handing out grace.

If a storm is brewing in your life, let me encourage you to rise above it.

Photo cred. Simplysemloh