The Easy Road

The quote was similar to, “Sure am glad I took that easy road, said no one ever.” The more difficult road is not an easy choice, but it’s where we experience the most growth. The extra mile is not an easy road.  I wasn’t built on an easy road, so I had to stop being one.… Continue reading The Easy Road

Someday’s You’re Living

My daughter backed her Jeep into my truck. It was my mistake for leaving it sitting there. I hadn’t pulled all the way into my side of the driveway. My daughter was with me at the time and I was trying to leave her extra room to get out of the truck. The tree branches… Continue reading Someday’s You’re Living

Feel the Music

When my daughter first started driving, we lived in the country. There was no traffic unless she took a major highway to visit her Dad or friends. She learned to take the back roads. The advice I offered was, “Let as many people out as possible. If you see someone that needs to enter the… Continue reading Feel the Music

Feel the Music

I was off center this past weekend. No one emotion dominated, but I just wasn’t myself. Music helps so I turned the Bluetooth on in my laptop and stereo and pulled up YouTube. YouTube knows what I like and I wasn’t surprised to see most of it listed was country. I began my Saturday with… Continue reading Feel the Music

Feel the Music

When we got in the car he hit Bluetooth and said, “Listen to this. Cody Johnson has a new album.” Cody is a good ‘ol Texas boy, so you’ll need to have ears for country music, otherwise they may bleed. 🙂 When we decide to sign that piece of paper to make what we have… Continue reading Feel the Music

Feel the Music

Some days, we just need to lighten up! As I sit here getting some work done for a client, this song came on the radio. I walked across the room and turned it up to 60. It made me smile just hearing it. An oldie, but goodie, and you know ladies, we like it that… Continue reading Feel the Music

Feel the Music

Most Sunday mornings, I listen to The Country Top 30, on the radio. Last week, they announced an ‘Almost made it’, song which means, it almost made it into the Top 30. The radio station is a little late to the party, We’ve been listening to this song for months. Out of all the people… Continue reading Feel the Music

Eye See You

Yesterday, I drove to the lake to see Mr. Smith. On the drive here, I watched as the outdoor temperature dropped. Checking the weather before I left prompted me to pack items for 70 degree weather. The temperature outside went from the 70’s to the 50’s upon arrival. Mr. Smith had the doors, and windows… Continue reading Eye See You

May We All

Driving down the road the other day, I heard a song come on the radio. I recognized the voice, but not the song. It was that kind of song that you cannot sit still while listening to. Florida Georgia Line, has a new song out. I haven’t listened to these guys in a while. They… Continue reading May We All