How You Leave

When you leave a relationship/marriage, it’s important how you leave. When the day came for me to leave, I was thoughtful. We had spent half our lives together and I didn’t want it to look like a wreckage. He already felt like his world was ripped apart. We have to show life how we want… Continue reading How You Leave

Permission to Rest

I love living in the country, but don’t like all the critters. My daughter found a Scorpion clinging to her bedroom curtain last night right before bed. I caught it, and killed it, which we learned that skill three years ago. Then she walked in my room, and saw one crawl under my bed, right… Continue reading Permission to Rest

Women Love Him

I just saw a post on my Facebook feed and it made me smile. What to do after your kids go to sleep was the question. The one thing I didn’t do that I will do now is love my man. We women give everything to our kids and wonder why the husband doesn’t pay… Continue reading Women Love Him