Lay In It

It doesn’t take much to inspire me. Sitting at the coffee table this morning, I was watching one of our dogs. I had opened the front door for him, first thing this morning. It’s nice and cool outside, and I thought he would enjoy laying in front of the screen door. But no, what does… Continue reading Lay In It

The Screen Door

There’s something about a screen door. The hinges always squeak when you pull it open, and I have no fancy to oil them. It’s part of it’s charm. Then, that slam once released. It’s like announcing, “I’m home!” This house didn’t have one when we moved in. Our previous houses did, and it was my… Continue reading The Screen Door

Watching It Unfold

I woke up early for a Saturday. That my darlings was an answered prayer. I’ve been wanting to find that habit of waking up early again, and my Higher Power is helping me. I’ve noticed something about my dogs. My favorite time to write is in the stillness of morning. Their dog beds are laying… Continue reading Watching It Unfold

To Be Alone

It’s been an off day. Friday I told a friend how good I am at being alone. Saturday morning I woke up feeling very alone and I wasn’t very good with it. 🙂 Friday night, I saw this meme before bed. Walking through my day and going to some of my favorite haunts didn’t do… Continue reading To Be Alone

It’s Worth It

My daughter was away from home and sent me this meme. It’s us. Her memes are hilarious. I found myself recently responding to comments with, “It’s worth it.” My mind began flashing images of this life and it’s all been worth it. When my daughter is away from home, I close her bedroom door. Our… Continue reading It’s Worth It

Save the Lizard

It was a long seven minutes waiting for the French press of coffee to be at it’s peak this morning. I normally set a timer for it, but instead just periodically glanced at the clock. While I was waiting, our younger dog Winnie, began playing with something on the floor. We’ve had a baby lizard… Continue reading Save the Lizard

I See Rest

My daughter has left for the weekend. The house is still and quiet. The dogs just came in from a full day of playing next door. They come home around the same time each day. I appreciate how they know they’ve had enough for one day. Watch and learn from the doggos. Yesterday, I found… Continue reading I See Rest

Find Your Spot

It has been a tranquil day. To go with the flow, I did small tasks to improve my environment. Just little things around the house that had been overlooked, like the kitchen table. It had become our ‘catch all’, but now it is clean. I also worked on my spot. This is where I write… Continue reading Find Your Spot