The Sad Shelf

When my daughter and I go to a garden center, we take a look at the sad shelf. This is the shelf of plants, drastically reduced in price from over-watering. They all look sad.

Maybe that is why I started caring for plants. If I could care for them properly, and give them a healthy environment, then I could do the same for me. The plants and I are growing.

The people traveling with us on our journey should add to our happiness. If we are not surrounded by happiness, it’s time to take a look at the people we allowed onto our path.



There is a role for everyone we meet, but how healthy are they? How well they care for themselves, is how well they care for you. The sad shelf is not a pretty place to be.

Take It Or Leave It

We had a beautiful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. This has been a truly great year! That doesn’t mean it’s been easy or uneventful. I choose to look at life’s challenges as opportunity for growth. There is always something to learn, which is probably why I refer to ‘lessons learned’ so often. God willing, I will never stop learning.

rightsI posted this on Facebook a while back, and caused quite a stir. The picture says it all, but the quote drives it home. Have you thought about what and who you’re going to allow to go with you into 2015? Please ponder.

I encourage to leave the past behind you and step into newness. If you’ve been carrying the past with you, how has that served you so far?

I always remind my daughter, “They can’t have a valid opinion where they don’t have any responsibility.” Take some time before the New Year, and see how you want 2015 to look. What would you change? Who would you delete from your contacts list? When my daughter and I were moving from our existing life into a new one, she wasn’t sure what to pack to take with her. She saw me packing up items, but being selective. I told her, “Only pack it if it brings you joy. If it adds love and light to your life, then bring it, otherwise, leave it.’

That is my best advice to you for 2015. If it brings you love, light and joy then take it with you into the New Year. Otherwise, leave it.