Feel the Music

Feel the Music

My daughter showed me this song, and it fascinates me.

When we are in pain, it’s natural to cry out to Jesus to show Himself. This guy is serious about it. My hope is that He did.

This is the only clear sounding video I could find, but it doesn’t have lyrics in it. The bass is so good, it scares our kitten out of the den as soon as he hears it playing. Enjoy!

I’ve got a God-shaped hole, that’s infected
And I’m petrified of being alone
It’s pathetic, I know

And I toss and I turn in my bed
It’s just like I lost my head (lost my head)

And if I believe you,
Would that make it stop if I told you I need you?
Is that what you want?
And I’m broken and bleeding, and begging for help.
And I’m asking you, Jesus: show yourself.

Feel the Music, God

Feel the Music

Sitting at my desk enjoying the day, in pajamas, and coffee within reach. The radio is quietly playing in the background. This entire time it felt like it was Sunday, instead of Saturday!

Listening to the music in the background, this song was playing. It’s one of the songs I played to praise, and worship God with while standing on The pier. That was where I  re-connected with God, after leaving a 25 year, unhealthy marriage. A couple of weeks ago the pier was mentioned in this Feel the Music, so these songs still resonate with me.

In this song, “Words”, by Hawk Nelson, it feels like he is shouting out to God! That is how I felt then, and sometimes now. Plus, as writers, we have a thing about ‘Words’. Enjoy!

Let my words be life
Let my words be truth
I don’t wanna say a word
Unless it points the world back to You

Have a beautiful day, Beautiful Souls. Much love to you! ❤

Feel the Music

Feel the Music

In honor of the Beauties who need to hear it, until they feel it, and can believe it. xxx


God, Present Moment

Hungry for God

IMG_20161128_104228Stork showed up this morning. He was perched right here, on the railing of this pier. He felt me watching, turned his head and stared straight back!

The stare was an acknowledgement. “You are sitting still, watching, and I have your full attention. Good!” It was scary, but exciting at the same time! If you don’t know the significance of the Great Blue Heron in my life, you can read more here. Stork has always been my sign from God that I’m right where He wants me.

Opening my morning meditation it read, “You are on the path of my choosing.

I’m visiting the lake, so I don’t have the luxury of my daughters ‘thumpin’ stereo. Opening a new tab, I can listen to a song from our Feel the Music series. YouTube recommended the Acoustic version below. It’s more clear.


I wanna go back, and show you what God’s been doing in my life, but there’s no need to go back. A few weeks ago, my voice became a roar! Now, this Blog has been all about God, and what He has done in my life, but now He’s getting more specific. I made a new category entitled, “When she became the fire”, so I won’t forget.

God has been working on me with the details. Wanting me to write it down, but wait on His timing to share. I don’t remember things very well. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Hah! (Good pun Barb!!)  My Soul has been whispering, and I was listening, but then I’d forget. That still small voice was saying, “Write it down.”


This journal is what I used to write everything down while sitting in the doctor’s offices. They were telling me ‘the plan’ for my Breast Cancer. This journal was new to me, just like the word, Cancer. It brought me comfort, and joy to hold it in my hands, even if I couldn’t bring myself to write. “The outside of this journal is what spoke to me, but the inside is just as beautiful!”

I’m filling pages in that journal to share, but need to wait on God’s timing. Right now, someone has been patiently waiting for me to finish writing this post, so we can go eat lunch. I’m hungry, so I need to stop here. Maybe that is how all of this began. I was just hungry.


Feel the Music

Feel the Music

Do you have that one friend that always has your back? I have a handful that love me unconditionally, but there’s that one that will help you hide the body if necessary? She just sent me this, and it’s simply beautiful. Just like the friendship we share. Thank you.

Feel the Music, Mr. Smith

Feel the Music

As soon as I met him, I wanted to write about him. Not wanting to use his ‘real’ name, I asked him “What do you want me to call you in my Blog?” He said, “Well, my last name IS Smith! Mr. Smith it is then.

This Meme describes him perfectly. He loves me in a way I wasn’t accustomed to. It’s been more than I could ever imagine. What we have is not easy, but Mama always said, “Anything worth having will not come easy.”


Two years later, he sends me this song. Mr. Smith loves music, but our taste in music is like night and day. He loves ALL music. He’s one of those people who doesn’t say a lot, but when he does, I listen.  After he sees this, he’ll say, “Is nothing sacred!!!”, but what we have IS sacred. He knew the disclaimer for dating a writer from the beginning. Thank you God for Mr. Smith. I love him, but Thy will be done. Not mine.

Feel the Music

Feel the Music

The video says it all. I am supposed to have childlike faith, and then life happens. I’m going back!

Feel the Music

Feel the Music

I know I have been sharing a lot of Christian music recently, but that is what I have been listening to. Allow me to show you how God is trending in my life.

Music was not a part of my life for a season. Four years ago, I had this phone I absolutely loved, and it had free music on it. You may recall, it’s the phone I used to play my praise and worship music on the pier in Praise Him Anyway

My phone carrier stopped offering the free music feature. I just never took time to reload something else on my phone. Hey Satan! Dat You? When my daughter received this stereo for Christmas, music was back in our home. God wants us to hear, and feel the music.

Psalm 95:1 says, “Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.”

Well…This week, I have been singing so much, and so loudly, my throat is sore.

It all started when my daughter hooked up that sub-woofer. It was more than just hearing it like before. The bass made my chair vibrate as I was writing!

This is song number three this week, but every time it comes on the radio, I jump up and start singing along with it. I’ve danced so much, my dog tries to dance along with me. If my 12-year-old dog gets excited, my hope is God does too. I’m Coming Out!

Through this song, God is saying, “If you could only let your guard down. You could learn to trust me somehow. I swear, that I won’t let you go.” God Uses Scraps.

I do trust Him. He used my Cancer Journey to show me I could trust Him with my life. Literally! If you look at my posts from this week, you can see my guard coming down. He gave me the name Letitgocoach, and I want to live up to that name. He hasn’t let me go yet, so why should He start now? I’m finally to the point of not letting Him go either.

Feel the Music

Feel the Music

I am still lovin my house thumpin with dat bass thoooooo. If you are lost here, you can read our last Feel the Music, and catch up. Basically, my daughter figured out how to hook up the sub woofer to her stereo before she left to go visit her Dad.

I now know how to get her out of bed without even walking into her room!

It’s amazing how it feels when something is completely connected. We enjoyed the stereo pre-subwoofer, but now it’s like, Holy Cow! I can feel the vibration of the music. The whole house can, the cows, and probably the one neighbor!

It’s the same way when we are completely connected to God. I am learning to be still again, and just feel His presence. Just like in that Chemo chair. He is the vibration of life and love. This song has really good bass, so if you can, turn it up and feel it.

“I have this hope, in the depth of my soul. In the flood or the fire, you’re with me, and you won’t let go.”

Feel the Music

Feel the Music

Most Sunday mornings, I listen to The Country Top 30, on the radio. Last week, they announced an ‘Almost made it’, song which means, it almost made it into the Top 30.

My daughter and I just looked at one another like, “What the heck?” We have been listening to this song for a couple of months. Good ol’ Florida Georgia Line.

They are about as Redneck as you can get, but people hate on them for not being ‘Country.’ Out of all the people they had access to, they chose The Backstreet Boys to be on this song. God had a purpose long before people had an opinion, and this song is so true. These guys have a huge heart, and that heart is for God. Enjoy!