Feel the Music

In four more days, my darling daughter will be 18. I’ve always thought of her as older, and wise beyond her years. It was 5 years ago that we ventured out on our own. What a brave little girl, to leave everything she knew, for the unknown. I hope she always leaves her comfort zone.… Continue reading Feel the Music

To Be True

Life is beautiful, and we are taking time to cultivate it. I saw the gradual movement of change. My daughter painted her room, and I fell in love with the feel. Walking into my own room, it didn’t give me that feel. Looking at paint colors, then testing samples, and voila! My room has that… Continue reading To Be True

The Don’t Wants

To discover what I want, I journey through the don’t wants. Earlier this week, I walked into the kitchen wanting coffee. I had set the machine up the night before, but instead, there was black liquid oozing all over the kitchen counter. The pot wasn’t fully engaged to allow the hot liquid to flow. The… Continue reading The Don’t Wants

I Planted Weeds

Earlier this week, I went to see my friend Stephanie. She gave me the courage to try my hand at plants again. I took one look at her wrought iron fencing, and fell in love. It’s a weed, but look at how delicate the greenery is. It has tiny red flowers that bloom in the… Continue reading I Planted Weeds