When It’s Time

We learn from our surroundings. A couple of weeks ago, I saw this hibiscus plant at the market. The price was marked way down because it’s at the end of it’s season. It looked so healthy and full of buds that I had to bring it home. It would be the last of the blooms.… Continue reading When It’s Time

Spread Some Love

I love to walk over and visit my neighbor. When it’s time to go back home, I step along the stone path between our yards. It still surprises me that this is my home. It looks like a fairy-tale. It’s a yard well loved. I added a few plants, but mainly just watered what was… Continue reading Spread Some Love

Get Really Dirty

I don’t know if my fingernails will ever be the same after today. They are compacted with dirt. In this phase of life I embrace it. Living near small towns, I have experts in every field nearby. The hardware store has a garden area where I go in search of Megan. She educates me. My… Continue reading Get Really Dirty