Once is Enough

Last week, I deleted my Facebook account. It’s been on my heart to do so all year. One of those last things to ‘let go’ of. The key to doing something like this, and be filled with peace afterwards, is to do it a non emotional state. Sitting calmly in front of my laptop, staring… Continue reading Once is Enough

This Is Normal

The life my daughter and I share is not normal. We care for one another at a very high level. We watch each other, and learn how to do so. We are now down to the details. I bought a new toothbrush holder, and noticed the openings are large enough to hold more than a… Continue reading This Is Normal

Change Your Life

You have the power to change your life. God doesn’t want us to have a mediocre life. Our lives should reflect His goodness and plan for us. Every word that falls out of our mouths serves as a compass. Pay attention to your thoughts and words. I have seen it continuously in my life where… Continue reading Change Your Life

They Just Did

I have a job assisting a friend in California three and a half days a week. It is done virtually, which gives me the flexibility in schedule and the joy of working from home. I get to write, encourage people and work. My first job, after I left the workforce, was to take care of… Continue reading They Just Did