Everyday is Orchestrated

‘Take what you have and use it’. That was my first thing in the morning thought. My daughter went to college via Zoom, I went for my walk and that’s where I saw it. I wasn’t using my meditation app as intended. It’s easy to envision mediation as the photo above. It can be that… Continue reading Everyday is Orchestrated

In the Details

The light coming through my bedroom windows invite you to come and sit for a bit. Soak up some light. Enjoy this morning moment. When I bought the clock and heart displayed in Under the Bed, I bought something else. I told a friend what I bought and he said, “That’s great! You might as… Continue reading In the Details

It’s That Simple

My daughter and I keep our bath towels in a wooden, tower cubicle. I used to roll the towels thinking that was the best way for them to fit. It bothered me the way they looked. Zero Zen. Today, I washed towels and linens. As I was getting the towels out of the dryer, I… Continue reading It’s That Simple

A Mustard Seed

I went to a Farmer’s Market Friday. There was a lady there selling handmade necklaces and mosaic dinnerware. Out of all the necklaces on display, this one spoke to me. It’s a mustard seed. I smiled, paid the lady and brought it home. I haven’t worn it yet, but surely will. What’s funny is I… Continue reading A Mustard Seed

Worth the Fight

A form of letting go is to ‘let it be.’ To breathe in the early morning was to sit on the front porch with coffee and watch the birds feed from the bird feeder. Now my yard is still and quiet. The bird feeder sits on the floor by the back door. The squirrels took… Continue reading Worth the Fight

The Shopping Cart

I want God to do big things in my life. He has done many big things for me over the years, but the big things are easy to notice. It’s the small, everyday things I tend to take for granted. Over my life, I’ve listened to a lot of Joyce Meyer teachings. Her words stick… Continue reading The Shopping Cart

To Be Kind

I’ve been reading about being kind. That may sound silly, but I want to go beyond nice, and be consistently kind. We can be nice, but that can be turned on and off. To be kind is deciding to do more. To be thoughtful and give from our hearts. A Side-step I’m beginning to believe… Continue reading To Be Kind

Feel the Music

There was a time in my life I stopped feeling the music. Sure, I would listen to the lyrics, but to let the music get inside and move you. That’s what this series is about. When this song comes on the radio, my daughter grins. My feet start tapping as I turn up the volume,… Continue reading Feel the Music