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A Thrilling Place To Be

A friend found out today that he didn’t get the house he had placed an offer on. He found this house last year, and fell in love with the property. It would be a perfect place to live, and house his business, but God has other plans.

A lot of us prayed fervently about this house.

But, we all prayed in accordance to God’s will.

Sometimes God’s ‘no’, should be our ‘thank you.’


I told my friend, ‘Answered prayer.’ It may not seem like an answered prayer, but it is. The house was perfect, and maybe it all looked that way to us, but something wasn’t right.

We couldn’t see it, but God could.

What my friend did right was clinging to his faith. He was patient with the back and forth about the house, for months. I’m sure he became frustrated with waiting, but God was watching, and I believe my friend won today.

He didn’t get this house, but he’s better equipped for the next one that comes along. I encouraged him to keep looking, and to follow his heart to what he really wants.

I think that seems too big to us.

But, it’s not too big for God. What He has planned for us is more than we can ever imagine, and that’s a thrilling place to be.


In the Details

The light coming through my bedroom windows invite you to come and sit for a bit. Soak up some light. Enjoy this morning moment.

When I bought the clock and heart displayed in Under the Bed, I bought something else.

I told a friend what I bought and he said, “That’s great! You might as well decorate your room in a beach theme”, knowing how much I love the beach, but that wasn’t it. I told him, “Oh no…this pillow will be in my beach house one day.”

He scratched his head at that.


In my previous post I said, ‘God is in the details.’

He really is. I don’t know your situation. Maybe you are asking Him to pull off something big. God can do big, but He may start out with the small. It took a lot of small steps to get you where you are today, so start with one small thing.

When I cleaned out from under my bed, it was a minor detail that lead to this morning moment.

What is your one small thing?

My daughter is at the beach.

She sent this photo lastnight.


She has no idea I bought the pillow. (Until she reads this) It is now my screensaver on my phone and the header of this blogsite. Planting seeds.

My daughter knows my heart and so does God. It’s the timetable of the unknown that gets us. All He asks of us is to believe and leave the rest to Him.

I believe the pillow and photo will meet. I don’t know the specifics, but God is in the details.

Turning Inside Out

I don’t typically Blog at night, so my hope is, this reaches someone who needs it.

Today was a day of comfort.

I got home late yesterday afternoon from Christmas visits. A friend I haven’t talked to in a while, spent time with me this morning, just catching up. It was good to reconnect with her, and I always learn something after hanging out with a friend. Today, she told me, “It sounds like you are right where you need to be.”

There is a difference between ‘right where you need to be’, and ‘right where you WANT to be.’ If I’m right where I need to be, it involves growth, and preparation for where I want to be. I have grown a lot this year, and it’s all thanks to walking through this path of Cancer.

God has gone before me, and placed the right people in my path. Today, I wore some comfortable jeans, a long sleeve shirt, my favorite scarf, jean jacket, and furry boots to Radiation. Walking in, I was comforted just by what I was wearing. It didn’t bother me to trade in my warm clothes for the hospital top. I was still smiling walking down the hall.

When you go through Radiation, the technician takes an x-ray of the area first, before every treatment. That is how they know they have you in correct alignment beforehand.

I have two wonderful, female technicians. They saw how happy I was to be there, and one of them said something that really struck me. After I laid down on the table, and the machine was in place for the x-ray, she tapped my leg and said, “Smile pretty for us on the inside!”

She was joking because of the x-ray that was being taken, but it has stuck with me all day.

Smile pretty on the inside.

Maybe what you’re going through has taken away your smile. Or, you smile, but you’re hiding the hurt inside. You are not alone, and let me encourage you, that you will get through it.

Place your hand over your heart, and feel it beating inside of you. Life can feel like it’s turning you inside out, but until that feeling has passed, smile pretty on the inside.

Coming of Age

I am growing. Not old or up, just growing.

It took half a century to get here and my hope is that you get this sooner, but if not, I can tell you it’s well worth the ride. Looking over my life, I can see it took every step and every storm.


The tree went up this week! My daughter and I have chosen a real tree for a few years now. She picks the tree, and I string the lights. Together we hang the ornaments.

When we first moved out together and were on our own, we didn’t have many ornaments. Half my life of collecting ornaments from all over the world, and I left them in the barn.

Our first Christmas was Martha Stewart jumbo pack from a home improvement store. We started picking up an ornament here and there, and three years later we have a tree full.

For us each ornament pinpoints a certain time in our journey. Some make us laugh, while others put us in awe of their beauty.


There is a lady in town that makes beautiful wreaths all year round. She does it just for fun, and it brings joy to peoples lives. My daughter and I bought one last Christmas and loved it, but I left it for the couple that moved into that house.

When we moved to this house, we had no Christmas Wreath. I pondered getting one, but nothing has caught my attention.

That same lady posted a Snowman wreath on Facebook. It was too big for our little screen door. It was huge! My daughter saw it and loved it, but agreed it was way too big. I thought about asking my friend to make a smaller one for us, but let it slip my mind. Two days later a smaller version of the Snowman wreath appeared on Facebook.

Have I mentioned God knows your heart?

God prompted my friend to make a smaller version, and as soon as she posted it I saw it and contacted her. My daughter will be surprised when she gets home from her Dad’s. It’s just a little thing that she wouldn’t expect, but will make her smile.

Just like the ornaments and the wreath, it’s all the little things that add up over time to manifest into a beautiful life. I sure am to enjoying this journey, and coming of age.

We Get To

All of my work revolves around some type of writing. God gave me a sound mind, and a big mouth, so I get to type these words in hopes of encouraging others.


It hasn’t always been this way. It seems to take a while for my mind to catch up with what my heart already knows. Once I learned money and material possessions couldn’t bring me happiness, my life got real simple.

Faith make all things possible.

I have a little sign that says, “Faith is seeing light with your heart when your eyes see only darkness ahead.” God gives just enough light for the step I’m on.

There has to be Hope.

Faith and Hope go hand in hand. Then there is Love which makes all things beautiful. There is an abundance of beauty in life, and I hope you see it in yours. Life will try to suck us in, and it’s easier to get busy trying to make a living, rather than living a life.

Don’t overlook the beauty. Have faith in the unseen, hope that it will come to pass, and love your life! It’s much sweeter to ‘get to’ rather than have to.