Protect Your Happy

Sitting in the corner of the room at my desk, I raised my weary head and asked, “Is it time for chocolate cold brew yet?” She said, “Heck yeah!”, and disappeared into the kitchen. My attitude was instantly uplifted. This new email platform for work is eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you know… Continue reading Protect Your Happy

The Water Bottle

She drove to the store to pick up a few things. I had written ‘Hydrangeas’ on the list, but she spotted daffodils and instinctively knew which to buy. Daffodils are displayed on the table. I have this thing about pretty water. When I see a pretty bottle of water, I purchase a couple. One for… Continue reading The Water Bottle

Because I’m Happy

There’s no more Christmas decor on the coffee bar. I took it down and packed it away yesterday. The Christmas tree is still standing. Not quite ready to give up the ambiance of the tree. It gives the room a cozy glow. There’s not a lot of rules in my life. I bought flowers today… Continue reading Because I’m Happy

It Was Time

“Do you want a new Christmas stocking?”, she asked. I hadn’t thought about it till that moment. I haven’t had a new Christmas stocking since the divorce. The one I brought with me is laying in a box of unused Christmas items. These items that at one time, we enjoyed having, but they no longer… Continue reading It Was Time

Because It’s Fun

Life is supposed to be fun. It took years for me to realize this and the only thing that kept it from being fun was me. Someone said they appreciated my optimism. I forgot there is a word that describes my outlook. Optimistic. It goes far beyond that my darling. I see everything in a… Continue reading Because It’s Fun

Drink the Glitter

“There’s so much glitter”, she said. “I’ll take that one”, was my response. “No, it’s okay. I’ll just drink the glitter!” This is a normal conversation between my daughter and me. This is also the second time this week she’s made a cup of tea, only to find glitter floating in it. The glitter is… Continue reading Drink the Glitter

This Will Help

I’ve watched it everyday this week. It’s the best part of parenting. To do what looks crazy and somewhat embarrassing, in hopes they secretly enjoy it enough to follow suit with their own kid one day. If you need a smile my darling, this will help!  

There Is Happiness

Writing is happiness. I’m not sure if it brings it in, or if I have so much happiness, it’s a form of release. Sloth’s and candles are happiness. Being here with you is happiness. Thank you for the love and care on my previous post. I was struggling to find my happy again. A friend… Continue reading There Is Happiness