The Right Time

To change as gracefully as the seasons. I had to smile at myself as I was trying to make the bedroom blinds hang level. Gently releasing the left cord and then the right, back and forth until it fell into a level edge. I thought, “Wow Barb. If only you could do that in real… Continue reading The Right Time

A Mustard Seed

I went to a Farmer’s Market Friday. There was a lady there selling handmade necklaces and mosaic dinnerware. Out of all the necklaces on display, this one spoke to me. It’s a mustard seed. I smiled, paid the lady and brought it home. I haven’t worn it yet, but surely will. What’s funny is I… Continue reading A Mustard Seed

Waiting to Bloom

It’s odd, how you pack up your belongings, and move into a new space. It’s the same stuff you’ve had, but it finds new places to nest. This house doesn’t have a mudroom, so the dogs are fed in a breezeway. Three weeks later, they know which cabinet holds the food, and which drawer has… Continue reading Waiting to Bloom

Sow Some Seeds (Part 3)

What resonated with you in yesterday’s post? My daughter’s favorite part is, “I will live as all good actors do when they are on stage-only in the moment. I cannot perform at my best today by regretting my previous act’s mistakes or worrying about the scene to come.” My favorite is, “I will embrace today’s… Continue reading Sow Some Seeds (Part 3)

The Other Side

Growing up I saw my Mother and Grandmother worry about everything. Most of which, hadn’t even happened yet. I promised myself right then and there…I would not do that when I grow up. Still haven’t grown up, but I don’t worry! I have not seen where worrying has ever solved a potential crisis. It takes… Continue reading The Other Side