Watching It Unfold

I woke up early for a Saturday. That my darlings was an answered prayer. I’ve been wanting to find that habit of waking up early again, and my Higher Power is helping me. I’ve noticed something about my dogs. My favorite time to write is in the stillness of morning. Their dog beds are laying… Continue reading Watching It Unfold

Keep It Simple

You can create space for simplicity in many areas of your life. This doesn’t mean you’re a simple person; it just means you have chosen to live simply. That could also say, “To simply live.” In 2014, I had a farm where I raised exotic chickens and mini pigs. This one perched on my arm… Continue reading Keep It Simple

Trust Your Journey

I have learned so much on this journey. That is why I Blog. To share what I learn, so it can encourage you on yours. I have noticed  that someone will visit this site, read one of my Blogs and then read several. There will be the number one beside various Blogs with similar topic.… Continue reading Trust Your Journey