Savor the Moments

The best email of the week.

“Barbara…Your Holiday candle is here!”

My daughter laughed as I put this reminder in my calendar. “Only my Mother schedules a candle pickup”, she quipped. Life is not all business. You have to schedule in goodness too.

The lady who sent the email owns a local shoppe and we’ve become friends. She saw me fall in love with the candle last year and when the holidays were over, the candle disappeared.

She promised to get it back in her shoppe this year and said she would email me. She stayed true to her word and in turn, I went to pick it up!



We are only as good as our word.

I’m being careful not to overextend myself this year. To stay present and go with the flow as life unfolds. It’s a matter of slowing the pace and saying, ‘no’ a lot. A fast ‘yes’ is face to face with my daughter, a neighbor, or friend. Connectivity is so important and I’m happy to be still for that.


It hasn’t been lit yet, but there’s time.

Pumpkins on the front porch and listening to Christmas music as I type. Savor the moments.

Permission to Say No — Leaving it better than I found it

Next week is Thanksgiving. In a lot of people’s minds, this kicks off a shit show of a stressful 2 months of being over committed, over fed, and broke. Today I want to encourage you to consider taking a different approach. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what you truly enjoy about the holiday […]

via Holiday Season Challenge – Permission to Say No — Leaving it better than I found it.

Click The Button


There are some parts of my past I will not forget. Parts of the past can still be pretty.

I haven’t been writing much, but I’m going to be writing as often as I feel this month. Just because I haven’t written, doesn’t mean there are no Blogs in me. It’s just slowing down long enough to feel the words, and put them on this page. This is what I experienced today.

The Marriott Bed. There is nothing quite like it.

My favorite part of traveling was staying at the JW Marriott. My favorite part of the room, was the bed. If you have never slid into a Marriott bed, put it on your bucket list. It’s a must.

It’s the time of year where we are thinking of buying for others. Many are Christmas shopping, or wondering what to buy for those close to them. It is difficult to think of buying for myself, and I would much rather buy for others. Is it difficult for you to buy for yourself?

After I posted my Blog Make It Pretty this morning, I walked across the room and knew today was the day. That moment was the exact moment I needed to click the button.

You see, I have slowly been pulling together my dream bed.

It all started with the right headboard. I walked up to one of my favorite Vintage Shops over a year ago, and there it sat on the porch of the shop. It was handwoven rattan, thick and sturdy. The shop owners had just got it in, and when he saw my face, he loaded it into my truck. That was the start of my bed. He didn’t know what to charge me, so he asked for $50.

I brought it home. Next came the perfect mattress, and the bed was taking shape.

Living in Texas, you don’t need a heavy blanket on your bed. I like layers. For my birthday last year, I bought really good sheets. That was my present to me. I brought good sheets from my former life, but these were the first sheets I had bought for me, and my bed. Maybe you think this is silly, but self care shouldn’t come to a screeching halt during the holidays.

It’s getting colder in Texas, and I saw the weather toward the end of the week where it’s going to be freezing at night. I have been looking at the goose down comforter from the Marriott Bed, for months. I knew this would be a big investment, but I have been dreaming about it for years. This afternoon, I went online to the shopping cart and clicked the button.

It had been sitting in my cart just waiting for the right moment. Mainly it was waiting for me. I never knew how important this bed was going to be until I went through Chemo.

It was very peaceful laying in that bed for a few days after Chemo. I didn’t have to leave.

Do you have something inside you that you’ve always wanted?

My life is simple today, and I don’t feel the need to go stay at a JW Marriott. That bed though, is one piece of my past I will gradually, and over time, bring into my present life.

Barbara is a God follower, a Writer, and Mom to her 17-year-old daughter. When she started this Blog in 2014 Letitgocoach was the name that stuck. She enjoys helping people Let Go of what is holding them back from having a beautiful life. Part of her mission is to show people they can start over at 50. Her life is beautiful, and an example of Letting Go and Letting God. You may connect with her via email.

Happiness Holiday’s

I cannot believe it’s November.  Strolling by the aisle of Halloween candy, admiring the 50% off sign, I was pondering, ‘Christmas  is right around the corner’. Unreal!

stevejobsThat prompted me to ponder outside my box, and wonder what other people’s holidays are going to be like. Long gone are the days when I was distraught because my florist hadn’t arrived on time to start decorating the staircases. That seems like a lifetime ago, and its hard to believe it was in my lifetime. Thank you Jesus for the simple life I have today.

How can I encourage others within this time of year that so many dread, or wish to ignore?

When I first started this Blog, I did an Og Mandino post, The Seeds of Success. Months later, readers still find it and view it, so that gave me a revelation. Another one of Og’s book is A Better Way to Live. Within that book are some rules to live by, so here we go.

Each week, now through Christmas, I will post a couple of rules a week. The posts will be brief, I hope, so tune in  here for some heartfelt encouragement! It’s time to enjoy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friends and family and reflect over this past year. A new year is less than a couple of months away, so start believing now…it’s gonna be the best year ever! Believe.