A Steady Pace

There’s a section of my drive home where the view is spectacular. The road sits high, and begins winding it’s way through the Texas Hill-country. It’s not a very long stretch of hill-country, but it’s my favorite part of the drive. The view is distracting which makes keeping my eyes on the road a challenge.… Continue reading A Steady Pace

A Fresh Start

I went back to Soul Society Yoga’s Chillville. It’s my favorite class, and is a nice way to do something my body will thank me for later. I saw this sign hanging in Yoga class like a confirmation assuring me I was in the right space. I love Yoga, but now it’s beginning to love… Continue reading A Fresh Start

To Be Kind

I’ve been reading about being kind. That may sound silly, but I want to go beyond nice, and be consistently kind. We can be nice, but that can be turned on and off. To be kind is deciding to do more. To be thoughtful and give from our hearts. A Side-step I’m beginning to believe… Continue reading To Be Kind