Make it Easier

I love my neighbor.

I don’t know his age, but he’s well past retirement. He is who encouraged me the most to buy a paddle board. We were talking one day and I mentioned how I’d love to have one. He said, “Barbara…You should do it if that’s what you want.”

He used to have a boat, so he knows the lake. Yesterday, I told him I took big Red out for a spin. He was happy to hear I spent time on the lake.

He asked me where I put the board in and when I told him he laughed and said, “Barbara. You shouldn’t have to carry the board the length of a football field! You need to make it easier on yourself.”

I haven’t heard that very often in my life. ‘Make it easier on myself.’ What a novel idea!

He went on to tell me where to park my truck to walk the shortest distance to launch. He made it sound so easy! I’m going to follow his advice.

It’s good to receive advice from someone older than you. They have been through more and have experiences to share. My neighbor said his life is a fine example of ‘learning the hard way.’ I’ve had my share of ‘hard way’, so ‘easier’ sounds like bliss.

I woke up this morning to a stiff right arm.

I carried the board too far yesterday.

Thank you for your kindness on yesterday’s post. I was too hard on myself in more ways than one. I do that sometimes, but I’m going to make it easier.

Just Do It

Me: I’m trying to get motivated to take big Red out.

Her: Do it. I have to go scrape goat shit. 😂

My daughter is taking care of someone’s animals while they’re away. When she said that I laughed so hard! Just envisioning the contrasting dilemma’s.

I loaded him up and drove down to the lake.


I learn something new each time.

This morning I learned where to put the paddle board in the lake. You wouldn’t think that’d be too difficult, but last time I went through the grass. The lake was flooded so the grass turned into mud.

I didn’t wish to look like the swamp monster coming out of the lake, so I launched near the boat ramp.

Once in and paddling across the lake, I had the weirdest feeling. Like the people living in those big lake houses were watching me. I envisioned a man standing at a window sipping coffee and saying, “Hey honey! Come and look at this 50 something year old lady trying to paddle board.”

I became self conscious of what I was wearing and couldn’t paddle the board in a straight line. That’s what negativity does my darling. It makes us doubt what we’re doing. I had to hush that voice.


My daughter came home, asked how I was and I told her, “I stopped beating myself up and enjoyed it!”

She said, “I’m proud of you and you should be proud too. At least you’re there doing it!” That’s right my lovelies. Let go of all expectations and just do it.

Meet Big Red

I enjoy living in this peaceful little lake town, but I’ve not taken advantage of the lake part. Lake Travis is less than a mile away from my home so…

I bought a paddle board. Meet Big Red.

He sat in my dining room until I took him out for the first time this week. It was love at first flight.


The lake is full of people and activity on the weekends, so I take him out during the week.

Big Red and I have big plans, but the first time was just to get over that little bit of fear I had to just do it. You know the scenarios that run through your mind before attempting anything new. It sounded more difficult in my mind than it actually was.

The hardest part was getting him in and out of my truck bed gracefully. He’s ten feet long and weighs 40 lbs. Accomplishing that alone was a workout.


It’s work, but there’s an immediate reward.

As soon as it hits the water and I climb on top I find my Zen. I’m going to teach myself to do Yoga on him eventually, but right now we’re just learning.

Thanks YouTube!

I’ve been looking at boards for months, but couldn’t find a color that resonated. When I began seeing red, Google took all my searches for boards and a red board randomly popped up on my phone.

Was it random? Nothing is random lovely.

There will be more to come, but I just wanted to introduce my WordPress family to the newest member of my family. My darlings, meet Big Red.