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Pause and Breathe

Chocolate makes everything better.

As I’m standing in line with a bag of chocolate eggs, I saw this magazine. Just seeing it poured a bucket of calm over me, so it was added to my purchase.


Trusting where you are today matters for who you’ll be tomorrow.

I believe those words. I’ve watched them come to fruition in my life continually and there are people who remind me.

Speaking with a friend yesterday, he reminded me that I’ve been here before, and to look at where I am now. I’m starting a new job. Well, actually it’s an extension of one of my existing jobs, but I’ll be working for one company instead of two.

It’s unsettling with all the technology I’ll be learning, and the added responsibility, but he tells me I say that every time!

As I was eating brunch yesterday, I read this article of things I know, but needed to see.


I hope this displays large enough to be readable and it covers you in comfort. Our days feel uncertain, but we’ve been here before.

Turning the page, I came upon this.

The purpose of this page is to give you permission to pause and to breathe and to be.

Hey there Darling…Pause and breathe.

When What You Love Takes A Back Burner

I haven’t written in a while. Have been questioning if I’m actually a writer, or just nested here for a while to tell my story. If the second one is accurate, then we all have writer in us.

The house is quiet, and it’s Sunday afternoon. For some, their house may be gearing up for the big game, but not here. We don’t even own a TV by choice. I hear my landlord mowing the field next to the house. It’s a very soothing sound of the mower coming and going. This time of day is beautiful, and my daughter and I are going to get out in it soon.

well (191x340)Walking through the yard, I spotted this and took a picture. It was a sweet reminder that life can come through even the hardest of surfaces. There is no dirt here, only concrete and rock, but the grass doesn’t mind. It came through just fine.

I started a new job Monday, and oh what a ride that’s been!

I am using gifts and talents that are rusty and long forgotten; have ample opportunity to use new ones and learn. Letting go of so many things, you should know I live a very simplistic life. Maybe I’m in a spot to actually yearn for more.

My income will increase substantially, and I’m not sure what to do with that. I think that’s a good problem to have! Reading my devotional, Jesus Calling this morning I found reassurance. “Start with where you are at this point in time and space, accepting that this is where I intend you to be.”

That was like water to my soul. Taking one step at a time all week with this new job was where I had to go. I dove in head first on Monday, became overwhelmed with it all, and started doubting my abilities. Trusting and relying on God with this, just as I have with everything else. The blade of grass emerged through the rocky surface to reach the light.


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