To Be Free

The time has come for a WordPress hiatus. I’ve felt it gnawing at me for a while, but this week it became crystal clear. I’m determined to keep the portions on my plate in balance, and there’s new opportunity just over the horizon. It’s been challenging to keep my plate clean, because I’m a doer,… Continue reading To Be Free

Maybe You’ve Changed

My daughter made my Chemex this morning. She was getting ready to leave for classes, but paused long enough to do that. That’s true love. She stayed home this weekend, so I didn’t make weekend plans. I just wanted to hang out with her in that weekend vibe. Life has her on a rapid schedule… Continue reading Maybe You’ve Changed

It Was Time

“Do you want a new Christmas stocking?”, she asked. I hadn’t thought about it till that moment. I haven’t had a new Christmas stocking since the divorce. The one I brought with me is laying in a box of unused Christmas items. These items that at one time, we enjoyed having, but they no longer… Continue reading It Was Time

These 3 Things

The year of lessons learned. Learning is not always enjoyable, but it’s necessary for the next part of the journey. I’ve let go of things that had heart strings ingrained. There’s been many a fork in the road and I don’t normally take the easy path. Let’s just say I took side roads. If we… Continue reading These 3 Things

Someday’s You’re Living

My daughter backed her Jeep into my truck. It was my mistake for leaving it sitting there. I hadn’t pulled all the way into my side of the driveway. My daughter was with me at the time and I was trying to leave her extra room to get out of the truck. The tree branches… Continue reading Someday’s You’re Living

Send it Back

The peony is almost out of season. I love this flower. It has layers of petals and to watch them slowly unfold brings contentment. My life is so simple that I’m entertained by watching peonies open before my eyes. 🙂 A nearby store carries them, but supply is getting low, so I bought what they… Continue reading Send it Back

There Is Better

I bought a yard globe for the front yard. It looked fabulous in the store, but when I got it home and placed it in the flower bed, I didn’t like it at all. It was not right so, I took it back to the store. Is there such a thing as too much bling?… Continue reading There Is Better

So Many Firsts

My daughter is at the eye doctor today. She called and made an appointment yesterday to have her eyes checked. What an adult thing to do. I’m in awe watching her set her sails. We raise them to the best of our ability, and then watch them as they go. I’m not going to try and… Continue reading So Many Firsts

In Barbs World

I didn’t have any plans of becoming a Letting Go Coach. It was offered to me after going through the Letting Go lessons personally. If it’s in front of me, I’m gonna walk through it. I told myself, “There are enough coaches in the world”, and there are some really good ones. People who have… Continue reading In Barbs World

Feel the Music

I woke up this morning pondering the men that have passed through my life. I’ve loved them all, and still do on a certain level. As I began making changes last year, the tagline to this Blog changed, and I’m still standing firm in these words. “Let it all go, and see what stays.” God… Continue reading Feel the Music