Magical Mom Moments

I sent my daughter a Marco Polo. I called the video, your ‘Magical Mom Moments.’ These candles are one of my all-time faves. They burn a long time, smell sensational, and the containers are beautiful. Once the candle is done, it hurts my heart to throw it away, but no more! That little bit of… Continue reading Magical Mom Moments

The Glitter Bird

Five years ago, I purchased a small sign. The quote on that sign has been my mindset over the years. It really is a mindset darling. You can have the life you want if you want it enough. Anything is possible if we open our minds to it. The key is to think higher thoughts.… Continue reading The Glitter Bird

It’s a Choice

There are no bad days. I don’t invite them into my life. When Boss man asks, “How’s life Barb?”, he already knows what my answer will be. He knows I’m gonna say, “Beautiful! Life is simply beautiful!” He receives the same, or similar answer every time. It’s my choice to either see life as beautiful,… Continue reading It’s a Choice

Do What You Truly Want to Do

I am honored to receive another Sunshine Blogger Award within the same week. Thank you Pascales Healing Journey for the lovely nomination. Her questions are thought provoking, so I wanted to share. If you have won an award, and cannot think of appropriate questions, maybe these will help. I’ve been pondering the first question for… Continue reading Do What You Truly Want to Do

This Quiet Season

I sat in my bed this morning, and had a talk with God. He has a plan, but I just wanted to share my requests. I’m in a quiet season of my life. It’s been this way for months, but I’m learning to sit with it. After He healed my Breast Cancer last year, I… Continue reading This Quiet Season

In Barbs World

I didn’t have any plans of becoming a Letting Go Coach. It was offered to me after going through the Letting Go lessons personally. If it’s in front of me, I’m gonna walk through it. I told myself, “There are enough coaches in the world”, and there are some really good ones. People who have… Continue reading In Barbs World

Live and Learn

Today will be spent painting the wood trim in my daughter’s bedroom. Since she recently painted the walls a light color, the trim looks like a gross white, instead of bright white. To some, this may not sound like fun, but I love it. I’m no painter, but there is something about holding a good… Continue reading Live and Learn

Break Some Rules

I feel like I have a lot to share. It’s a matter of stopping long enough to write it out. I am staying home this weekend, so I’ve been going through the house doing things that bring me joy. My daughter left to go visit her Dad, so I started with beauty. There are not… Continue reading Break Some Rules

It’s Your Choice

A lady friend stopped by unannounced for a visit. She just needed a listening ear. When she was ready to go home, she opened the door, looked at me and said, “I want what you have.” She also saw what I don’t have. I don’t have drama in my life. That didn’t happen by accident.… Continue reading It’s Your Choice