Feel the Music

My daughter: “You haven’t done a Feel the Music in a while.” Me: I don’t drive that much anymore.” I hear most of these songs for Feel the Music while driving, but I wasn’t prepared for this song to start playing as soon as I started my truck. It just started playing like it was… Continue reading Feel the Music

Let them Unload

Listening is an act of kindness. Sometimes my acts of kindness are intentional. I really have to stop and think, “What can I do today to extend kindness?” Who knew it takes thought!? I was out running errands yesterday, and I felt led to stop by the pizza place. I knew Boss man would be… Continue reading Let them Unload

Feel the Music

I made a note of this song weeks ago. This came to my attention just now. So my dahlings, someone out there needs to hear this, and better yet, believe this. We tend to believe what other people say about us too quickly. What does God say about us? Which is more important? Over all… Continue reading Feel the Music

Get Really Dirty

I don’t know if my fingernails will ever be the same after today. They are compacted with dirt. In this phase of life I embrace it. Living near small towns, I have experts in every field nearby. The hardware store has a garden area where I go in search of Megan. She educates me. My… Continue reading Get Really Dirty

It’s All Good

I write about beauty and this life God has given me. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Overthinking any given phrase can cause me to pick apart a conversation. The handful of people I surround myself with would be better off if I would choose the correct role and stay there. My daughter… Continue reading It’s All Good

Let it Fall

My life has come so far in a rather short amount of time. Being in the middle of it, makes it difficult to see. My daughter told me, “I don’t think you realize how far you’ve come.” I was having a pity party, but it didn’t last long. Being a coach is not about giving… Continue reading Let it Fall