It’s Only Pizza!

Everyday at the pizza place is different. It depends on who and how many walk in. When I leave to go home, God shows me a little snippet of why I’m there. Last night was no exception. I made mistakes. I work the front of the restaurant alone. Lastnight, several families came in at once.… Continue reading It’s Only Pizza!

Knowing and Believing

“You have the power to guide your life in the direction you want.” You have heard this before, but do you believe it? Knowing and believing are different things, but they work together. They can work for, or against each other. Do you know what you believe? This is not what you think. That is another… Continue reading Knowing and Believing

Live and Learn

Today will be spent painting the wood trim in my daughter’s bedroom. Since she recently painted the walls a light color, the trim looks like a gross white, instead of bright white. To some, this may not sound like fun, but I love it. I’m no painter, but there is something about holding a good… Continue reading Live and Learn

Let it Flow

I am sitting firmly in my sweet spot. It’s mornings like this I used to look out my window and gaze at Stork as I write. My new house doesn’t have a pond, so there is no Stork. I miss Stork, but I love our new home. Sometimes we have to pull away from what… Continue reading Let it Flow