Two of Everything

When my daughter and I first began living this life together, you could look around and see two of everything. The house has two bedrooms. There’s two overstuffed chairs in the den. Two blankets on a nearby shelf readily available. We created a life for two. It’s time to open my heart for more. I… Continue reading Two of Everything

It’s Been Fun

A little role reversal occurs as they get older. My daughter said, “I want you to eat this weekend and that doesn’t mean only coffee.” 🙂 This morning, my daughter and I were laughing at some of our moments over the past six years. She has quotes from me stored in her phone. What’s even… Continue reading It’s Been Fun

That’s True Love

My daughter will be gone most of the day. She makes a Chemex, because she has it down to a science, whereas I do not. I sit in the den anticipating that magical cup of brew. This morning she did something so special. She has this coffee cup she knows I love. It’s just the… Continue reading That’s True Love

Healing in Hugs

I saved the last cookie for my daughter. She broke it in half, and brought half over to me. This is how we live our life. We are sitting at the table together. She is doing school while I write. There is a difference between living together, and being present. When I stepped away from… Continue reading Healing in Hugs

My Daughter Writes

Originally posted on Simply Semloh:
I’ve been staring at this empty canvas/shell of a blog for months, mostly wondering how to begin and how to introduce myself. I’ve had other forms of “social media” for years, but starting something new.. and trying to put who you are into a few words is more difficult than…

Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and dreams. Otherwise, our lives merely exist. This photo popped up on my Facebook news-feed. My heart ran as fast as it could into that photo! My life is simple, so skip the fancy couch. A Yoga mat, or pillow will do just fine. The view is what made filled my heart and soul.… Continue reading Hopes and Dreams

Which Way Home

I started writing a Blog lastnight, but again didn’t publish it. With this 30 day challenge, I’m learning I can write anytime of day. Mama always said, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Well, in my mind there is nothing publish worthy after 9:00 pm. This is what’s happening in real-time. I’m sitting at the dining… Continue reading Which Way Home

There’s Always More

I was reading a lady’s Blog this morning, and the pictures were of her house at Christmas. She had gone all Martha with the decor, and it was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of my Martha Stewart days, and my formal dining room looked much the same way. I recalled the year I had to… Continue reading There’s Always More

One Step Further

My daughter was having an emotional day yesterday, so I decided to give her one of her Christmas presents early. It’s a full length, body pillow, encased in faux fur. She squealed with delight, and hugged it all day. She gives everything dear to her a name, so lastnight I asked her, “What did you… Continue reading One Step Further

Where You Lead

I heard the best line ever yesterday. My daughter, and I were sitting in a restaurant, when this little old man approached our table. He nodded at my bald head and said, “Is it medical? Or do you want your head to look that way?” I busted out laughing. I thought when I lost my… Continue reading Where You Lead