Get After It

Last August, I went to the beach. It was a business trip offered by one of the companies I work for. The company chartered a boat with a Captain to take us fishing. It was the inspiration I needed for this year. Captain Wes explained how it works. He cast the lines and we had… Continue reading Get After It

Dare to Believe

Is there a dream in your heart? They say a dream will never leave you, unlike an ‘idea’ we soon forget. You will have ideas toward your dream. Stepping stones. Jot them down. That dream that God placed in my heart…It’s still there. When I need encouragement toward my dream, I pull it up in… Continue reading Dare to Believe

Quiet is Good

My life is quiet. I created it that way on purpose. Some people cannot embrace the quiet. They have to stay busy. The stillness of life is a beautiful thing. Have you practiced just sitting in it? Sometime last year, I took all the apps off of my phone that made noise. I have an… Continue reading Quiet is Good

A Better Way To Live~Day 3

Sitting at my desk looking out the window at the pier, thinking…”It looks cold out there.” I remember standing on that pier over a year ago, in the cold, crying and begging God to help me. To wrap His loving arms around me and just hold me. That was last fall, and this is a… Continue reading A Better Way To Live~Day 3