The Screen Door

There’s something about a screen door. The hinges always squeak when you pull it open, and I have no fancy to oil them. It’s part of it’s charm. Then, that slam once released. It’s like announcing, “I’m home!” This house didn’t have one when we moved in. Our previous houses did, and it was my… Continue reading The Screen Door

It’s Worth It

I changed my WordPress theme again. My neighbor noticed the change and said something about it. I found myself telling him my reason, and before I could justify my actions, he smiled and said, “Barbara. You don’t have to explain yourself to me.” He’s the best neighbor ever. As much as I loved the previous… Continue reading It’s Worth It

To Stay Stopped

I had a surprise visit from a neighbor. I was vacuuming up dog hair and didn’t hear the knock on the door at first. I opened it to find my friend and her young son standing on the porch. Her little boy was holding a giant chocolate bar. He raised it up toward me as… Continue reading To Stay Stopped

Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

To be a good neighbor has been on my heart this year. I’m friends with the neighbor beside and behind me, but want to befriend more. To place more action into the ‘to be kind‘ thought. To really plug into community and show kindness and caring toward my neighbors. To be the house where people… Continue reading Where the Rubber Meets the Road — Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom

Be at Home

I spent some time over the weekend looking at the changes in my life. I went to see a neighbor yesterday and it was like stepping back in time. Her husband was sitting on the couch watching a football game. I had forgotten it’s football season. This time last year, I was sitting on a… Continue reading Be at Home

Buckets of Love

She’s not crazy. She’s just been through some stuff. Everyone I came in contact with today referred to someone as crazy. I especially love it when men refer to their ex’s as crazy. That tells me to stay clear of those men. 🙂 A friend called one of my neighbors crazy in the exact moment… Continue reading Buckets of Love

Spread Some Love

I love to walk over and visit my neighbor. When it’s time to go back home, I step along the stone path between our yards. It still surprises me that this is my home. It looks like a fairy-tale. It’s a yard well loved. I added a few plants, but mainly just watered what was… Continue reading Spread Some Love

The Beauty Underneath

You don’t have to go far to be inspired. Look around you and make it better. A wooden arbor stands at the entryway of my front yard. Last year, I gazed at it and wondered, “What’s it’s story? What had it looked like in all it’s glory?” It was covered up with an old vine… Continue reading The Beauty Underneath

These Two Jars

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the beach. From that short, little trip, I brought home a ton of fresh inspiration, and these two jars. They were sitting outside of a little ‘hidden treasure shop.’ That is my way of describing junk stores. 🙂 It was love at first sight, and the price… Continue reading These Two Jars

The Act Itself

I’ve *challenged myself to be kind this year. The hardest part so far is not knowing how the act of kindness was received, or if it was spotted at all. It seems there’s more to it than the act itself. I love my two neighbors! After Christmas, I left a note in one of their mailboxes… Continue reading The Act Itself