A New View

“I’m ready for something new”, was my first thought of the day. My daughter and I went for a walk yesterday, and saw a new house almost complete. We walked through, and everything was new. Sitting in my den early this morning, a prism hanging in the window was casting rainbows across the room. The… Continue reading A New View

Take a Bow

Friday has evolved into my favorite day of the week. It marks the end of the work week and envelopes one’s soul in a subtle satisfaction of the here and now. Every task wasn’t completed, but there’s honor in showing up. The Sunflower is easily enjoyed in Texas, but thanks to this meme, my perspective… Continue reading Take a Bow

The Mindless Activity

The best ideas occur while showering. They used to form while vacuuming, but this house doesn’t have any carpet, so the vacuum isn’t used often. While washing dishes is another good mindless activity. These are things we do without thinking. They don’t take concentration, so the mind has room for an idea to surface. In… Continue reading The Mindless Activity

Believe in Yourself

I’m happy for the New Year, but then it was pointed out, it’s a also new decade. I’ve been on this earth for five decades and heading toward six! A fellow Blogger left a comment that he had already missed an opportunity this year. It’s an event that occurs every New Years day where he… Continue reading Believe in Yourself

In the Bag

As I walked by the boutique window I saw this bag sitting atop a shelf. It was so simple yet magical. I felt that familiar shift of perspective. Would it affect others similarly? I walked in and purchased the bag. It sits on top of the fridge as a dual reminder. One, for what it… Continue reading In the Bag

Lay it Down

My favorite time to meditate is at night. I’ve been drifting off to peaceful sleep like a child, listening to mindful sleep on Simple Habits. Oren Jay Sofer is the narrator of this meditation and his voice alone will soothe you to sleep. Lastnight, he discussed Contentment. How does that feel? Something he does in every… Continue reading Lay it Down

Feel the Music

In the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of loving two men. I don’t talk about it much, but love has been on my mind this weekend, as you can see from yesterday’s post. When I began this Blog it was for a couple of reasons. One-I wanted my daughter to have a place… Continue reading Feel the Music