To Stay Planted

My friend who I meet for coffee once a month gave me a beautiful mug. It’s a travel mug, which I didn’t have. I usually drink my coffee before leaving the house, so it’s rather liberating knowing my coffee can now travel. The box has been sitting on the coffee bar, and it’s just as… Continue reading To Stay Planted

Room for Improvement

I just can’t help myself. Sitting on the front porch in the early morning, with coffee, I look around for what can improve. This morning I saw a plant that wasn’t happy. It looked very sad sitting in the pot it was planted in. I thought about throwing it away, but instead plopped it in… Continue reading Room for Improvement

Stand in the Rain

Why does everything look better after the rain? This evening, I sat down on the step outside, and looked over at a plant. This plant has struggled and was nearly dead. I had set it aside, not knowing what to do. It hasn’t looked happy in a long time. Then, it sat in the rain.… Continue reading Stand in the Rain

Listen and Follow

Where is your heart leading you? What is it saying? In the post, To Be True, I painted a focal wall in my bedroom dark red. This past weekend it began bothering me. It felt as if it were yelling when I walked into the room. I went to a hardware store that carries paint, and… Continue reading Listen and Follow

It’s Pretty Ugly

I took a friend to meet Stephanie today. You may or may not recall but, Stephanie is who gave me the courage to care for plants. Everyone needs a Stephanie in their life. Getting out of my truck, this caught my eye. It has been hanging there for some time, and I have walked by… Continue reading It’s Pretty Ugly

I Planted Weeds

Earlier this week, I went to see my friend Stephanie. She gave me the courage to try my hand at plants again. I took one look at her wrought iron fencing, and fell in love. It’s a weed, but look at how delicate the greenery is. It has tiny red flowers that bloom in the… Continue reading I Planted Weeds

A Healthy Environment

My daughter and I are learning about life through plants. I’ve only killed one, but I learned a lot, and I’m not giving up. My Blog introducing the Boston Ferns, caused me to pay attention to their needs. What started out as something important for my daughter, became important to me as well. A lady… Continue reading A Healthy Environment