You’re Not Alone

I published a Blog yesterday, and went back into my Blogsite and deleted it. The same thing happened today. Write, edit, publish, and an hour later, delete. To the 5 people who read them both, “I apologize if I scarred you for life.” My email followers received notifications of the posts. Clicked on the link,… Continue reading You’re Not Alone

Coffee and Chocolate

My daughter called lastnight, and we chatted for a while. She asked, “How is everything?” I said, “Just beautiful! Except, there is no chocolate in this house!” Two females need chocolate available at a moments notice, so that will be fixed. I’ve been going to bed earlier, and waking up earlier. This morning, I sat… Continue reading Coffee and Chocolate

Take It Or Leave It

We had a beautiful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. This has been a truly great year! That doesn’t mean it’s been easy or uneventful. I choose to look at life’s challenges as opportunity for growth. There is always something to learn, which is probably why I refer to ‘lessons learned’ so… Continue reading Take It Or Leave It