You Are Priceless

My daughter’s words are now a meme. 🙂


Box of Love

When I began Blogging, my thought was, this is for my daughter Bailey. To have a place to go and read about our journey together. What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet, is our motto. I never want her to forget this day.

This guy in Missouri has been talking with her for a while now. His name is Brett, and he works at Starbucks for now. There are two thumbs up already. His name starts with a B, like all our family members, and he works at our favorite coffee shop. Brett bought Bailey a reusable cup from Starbucks. This one cup is how the box of love began.

He started dropping stuff in the cup when he came home from work. The items were random things he had laying around his room that he thought Bailey would like. Guitar picks and a cool guitar capo. The capo was so unusual; it took us a minute to figure out what it was. He wanted to tell her, ‘You Rock,’ so he taped a rock to a piece of paper and put it in the cup. There was more he wanted to send, so the cup went into a box, and he started adding to the box.

FullSizeRenderHe wrote messages on index cards. The cards were in a stack, as she went through and read each one, her smile growing larger all the while. I noticed how she pulled each item out and looked at it like a mysterious treasure. Knowing that his hand touched it, his thought was behind it, and the t-shirts smelled like his cologne. It was a box of love and light.

The joy that each item brought her was priceless, even though the only money he spent was on the postage. The box took some time, effort and thought, which is important to any relationship. Brett showed us you can put love in a box, and send it, but the secret is not to keep it in the box. Unpack it, feel it, give it back to the giver and everyone around you.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 16 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Letitgocoach and help others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is writing her first book.  You may connect with her via email.




Be Brave

I saw a post earlier today by one of my favorite shops in Bastrop, TX. They had changed their cover photo and it said, “Be Brave.’ I think I’m a pretty tough woman, but today was not the day for being brave.

zigziglarI am confident and comfortable in my own skin. The Letting Go process allowed me to shed my unwanted behaviors and let go of my past. It refined me, but wasn’t going to define me. My past has helped create the woman I am today, so I kept what was useful and the rest, I Let It Go. That made room for new things that would make me a better woman.

There is a popular song on the radio today called Take Your Time, by Sam Hunt. Sam is a good guy, so he chose to point a finger at Domestic Violence in the video, even though that is not what it’s about. To me the words make so much sense. Who or what is taking your time?

Some people charge for their time. I charge for mine, but not a lot. You can enjoy an 8 week session for $200, and that includes my time. It brings me joy to assist people with life changing results. That is priceless. When people give their time they are giving something they will never get back. When someone gives me their time, it is a gift that I try my best to give back in return.

Today I allow people into my life that want my time, but not only to take it, they should enjoy it. I allow people into my life that are willing to let go and do the same. Be brave and give something you will never get back. Together, we will reap the rewards for a lifetime.