Surprise Yourself

It’s been a little over a week since my Blogging everyday began. The idea surfaced during Thanksgiving holiday. From there it hovered around the back of my mind until the idea became something I really wanted to do. Listening to Lewis Capaldi inspired me. When I found his version of It’s the Climb, that song… Continue reading Surprise Yourself

Someday’s You’re Living

My daughter backed her Jeep into my truck. It was my mistake for leaving it sitting there. I hadn’t pulled all the way into my side of the driveway. My daughter was with me at the time and I was trying to leave her extra room to get out of the truck. The tree branches… Continue reading Someday’s You’re Living

Stop Feeling Guilty

Yesterday, I slept for a solid 15 hours. When I fell asleep it was daylight, and when I awoke it was daylight. There are no regrets. My body was tired, and today it feels more human. When deciding what to wear for the day, I chose a t-shirt that says, “100% Human”, on the little… Continue reading Stop Feeling Guilty