Worth Every Minute

This sign hangs in between my bedroom windows. It’s one of the first things I see each morning and sometimes I’ll walk in and look at it throughout the day as a gentle reminder. Trust the magic of beginnings. My daughter has this sign sitting in between her windows. Yes, I love signs and it… Continue reading Worth Every Minute

Lay it Down

My favorite time to meditate is at night. I’ve been drifting off to peaceful sleep like a child, listening to mindful sleep on Simple Habits. Oren Jay Sofer is the narrator of this meditation and his voice alone will soothe you to sleep. Lastnight, he discussed Contentment. How does that feel? Something he does in every… Continue reading Lay it Down

The Morning Pages

I’ve added another simple habit to my life. It’s called, The Morning Pages. This was daunting to begin. As you know I like my mornings, and coffee is an intricate part. You are to write three pages by hand, as soon after you awake. Or in my case, as soon as humanly possible. The idea… Continue reading The Morning Pages

A Fresh Start

I went back to Soul Society Yoga’s Chillville. It’s my favorite class, and is a nice way to do something my body will thank me for later. I saw this sign hanging in Yoga class like a confirmation assuring me I was in the right space. I love Yoga, but now it’s beginning to love… Continue reading A Fresh Start